Are carrots or apples better for horses?

Are carrots or apples better for horses?

Sliced apples without the core and carrots are always a good go-to, but do you ever wonder what other healthy snacks your horse might enjoy? Be sure to cut any large fruit or vegetable into manageable pieces, and do not give your horse any pits or cores, which could cause choke.

Can ponies eat apples?

Nonetheless, horses should never eat some food at all. Most people like to feed their horses with treats such as apples. However, too much of something is poisonous, and this is true for fruits. When your horse has a belly filled with apples, it is likely to cause colic, which may further lead to founder.

What are horses favorite foods?

Horses like to eat sweet treats, whether it be candy, fruits, or sweet grains. Some of their favorites include watermelon, apples, strawberries, bananas, and peppermints. But because of their complex digestive system, horses have to eat a certain amount of forage, and most like alfalfa hay the best.

Can you feed carrots to horses?

Healthy snacks like apple slices, carrots, and hay cubes are good places to start for a treat. Many horses will even enjoy a banana. Commercially made horse treats can be a favorite for many horses and they may store and travel better than fresh fruit or vegetables when you’re on the road.

What vegetables are bad for horses?

Onions & Garlic ” Along with leeks, shallots and chives, onions and garlic are members of the Allium family, which if ingested are toxic to horses. This plant family contains the chemical N-propyl disulfide, which damages red blood cells, and in turn can lead to anemia.

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How many carrots can you feed a horse per day?

Feeding too many carrots in one day could also cause your horse to not eat their normal food, which is essential for proper digestion. Feeding one to two carrots per day is recommended by the majority of horse owners.

What can horses not eat list?

Here are some “people” foods you should avoid feeding your horse:

How many eggs can you feed a horse?

Eggs are full of protein, and if you are asked can horses eat eggs? Yes, this is a good addition to the horse’s diet, Not a boiled egg or a fried egg like we would have, but a raw egg mixed through their feed, even two eggs. In fact, if the horse is too thin it may help with weight gain and build them up a bit.

Can eggs make my horse have a shiny coat?

Registered. Raw eggs can possibly cause salmonella in horses, the same as in humans. They are high in protein and supposedly promote a healthy coat.

What is the best oil to feed horses?

The following are the most prominent properties in the most popular oil types:

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