Are Free iPhone offers real?

Are Free iPhone offers real?

NOTE: We’ve been hearing rumors that these “package is waiting for you” text messages are somehow connected to human trafficking. They are not. They’re just a regular old phishing scam.

Can you get free stuff from Apple?

There is no such thing as a ‘free’ Apple product, IMHO. Even an original iPhone will attract a $0.99 bid on eBay, eight years later with no carrier support. The only exception to this rule might be professional product reviewers like Walt Mossberg, who writes technology reviews for the Wall Street Journal.

Where can I get a free iPhone?

Getting Free iPhone Without Offer

Is there a way to win free iPhone?

The only way to get a free iPhone is by participating in the online giveaway contests. These are online run competitions where people enroll and compete to win free Apple product giveaways. Some of the best contests you can participate in are the giveaway monkey, the Re+public, Geotoko, etc.

Do Google give away iPhones?

It is not the first time that this scam attempt appears in which they make us believe that Google Chrome is going to give us an iPhone. xx has been selected at random to receive an Apple iPhone 8 completely free …..” …

Is the Google phone giveaway real?

Google Prize scam is a fraudulent page that claims that users have been randomly selected to win great prizes by Google. Usually, people are redirected to such scam websites by an ad-supported program that enters the system via software bundles or fake updates.

Has anyone won an iPhone?

Since most small stores don’t want to or can’t afford to give away Apple gear, and most big companies prefer avoid Aplle legal rules in favor of cash, you’re left with Time Shares and scams. So no, there is no giveaway for iPhones, it’s a scam.

Is the free iPhone 11 giveaway real?

No, it’s neither a gimmick nor a dream. The newest members of the iPhone family are finally here at Republic Lab and it could be yours absolutely free. All you have to do is participate in our iPhone 11 giveaway! That’s right, it’s just that simple and we are not kidding at all.

Is Amazon giving away free iPhone 11 pro?

The $1 iPhone 11 Pro scam The site claims to be part of an “Amazon loyalty program” and tells you that you’ve been given a chance to win an iPhone 11 Pro. There’s even a list of fake positive testimonials from people who claim to have received their free iPhones.

How do I get free Amazon on my iPhone?

All you are required to do to get a free iPhone is:

How can I get a free iPhone without paying?

The two real ways to get free iPhones that you most often see are from telecom carriers. They’re either a free iPhone with a new plan or some form of a trade-in deal. Either way, you will be going through a carrier. To get a free iPhone will depend on the value of your trade-in and the phone model you’re selecting.

Is there free stuff on Amazon?

Amazon Drive will give you free admission to 5GB of storage absolutely free. Upload files, photos, and videos to the cloud to make sure you don’t lose your most important files. If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you will also receive unlimited photo storage, as well as the 5GB of free storage.

Does Amazon give free iPhones?

AMAZON customers are getting “free iPhones” thanks to a shameful new online scam, a software developer has claimed. He unearthed several damning one-star reviews on the iPhone product page written by customers who claimed to have been shipped a smartphone box brimming with clay in place of the iPhone 6S they ordered.

Does Amazon give free phones?

The phone would be free, no wireless contract necessary, and sold on or through wireless carriers, according to unnamed sources.

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