Can fancy goldfish live with minnows?

Can fancy goldfish live with minnows?

If you only own fancy goldfish, cold water minnows may be a good option. They’re very inexpensive, tend to school together, and only grow to 1.5 to 2 inches long. Yes, these fish can fit in goldfish mouths, but they’re very fast and nimble compared to the slower fancy goldfish and are difficult to catch.

Will goldfish eat white cloud minnows?

Often they are sold as companions for goldfish, due to both species preferring colder water temperatures. However, goldfish can and often do eat fish the size of white cloud mountain minnows. Therefore, combining these two species in the same aquarium is not a good idea.

Can I put minnows in my fish tank with other fish?

Do not put minnows in an aquarium with large fish as they may be eaten. Do not keep any solitary minnows.

Will goldfish eat rosy red minnows?

Rosy Red minnows are mostly sold as feeder fish in fish stores. Rosy Reds are a popular pond fish, often used as a dither fish for fancy goldfish and koi. In a pond they will keep the insect larvae to a minimum, but will also eat goldfish and koi pellets.

Will minnows eat my goldfish?

However, many minnows will be too fast for the goldfish to catch and eat even if they wanted to, especially if the goldfish are larger. Smaller goldfish will not be able to swallow the minnows, so they are not a threat.

How many rosy red minnows can I put in a 10 gallon tank?

Tank Size. The recommended minimum tank size for Rosy Red Minnows is 10 gallons. This is assuming you’re keeping them in a school of at least 5 or 6 fish (which you should). We personally recommend a slightly larger tank if you can accommodate it.

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Rosy red minnow males pretty much lack the color change but do get a clear fleshy growth on top of their heads and barely visible white tubercles. Females lack tubercles, fleshy growths, and vertical stripes. They are much smaller, shorter, and plumper. They also have a very visible ovipositor once sexually mature.

Males have a splash of red on their dorsal and caudal fins, as well as a hint of color on their mouths. Females are slightly larger, lack any red color, and have rounder torsos. Males typically have nicer colors overall and can be seen displaying and sparring with each other.

How long do white cloud minnows stay pregnant?

Because they do not generally cannibalize their offspring, the parents can be left in the tank. White cloud eggs hatch within 48 to 60 hours. The tiny fry may be visible on the sides of the glass or among plants.

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