Can you eat sugar-free candy with Invisalign?

Can you eat sugar-free candy with Invisalign?

Movemints are sugar-free mints filled with a healthy dose of xylitol for promoting oral health. You can also chew them while wearing your aligners. If you are having trouble with getting your aligners to track, chewing on Movemints can be an effective method for getting them to fit properly.

What candy can I eat with Invisalign?

Eat! Unlike braces, you can eat just about anything you want while you’re wearing Invisalign. Once you remove your aligners for a meal or snack, you can eat all those foods that are traditionally off limits for braces: popcorn, gum, chewy candies, caramel, crunchy chips and hard candy.

Can I have sugar-free mints while wearing Invisalign?

Some breath sprays can be bad for your teeth during treatment, but in general, sugar-free, alcohol-free breath sprays are safe to use with Invisalign.

Can you eat sugar-free candy with braces?

Candy such as dark chocolate, sugar-free gum, or anything that contains the sugar substitute xylitol is not as harmful for your teeth as hard, chewy, or sticky sweets. Experts at the American Association of Orthodontists recommend softer treats or melt-in-your-mouth foods.

What kinds of candy are OK for braces?

Candies you can eat with braces

Can I eat hot Cheeto Puffs with braces?

Hot chips such as Flaming Hot Cheetos, Takis and Sabritones are the number one food that you can not eat with braces. Flaming Hot Cheetos, Takis, Hot Fries, Hot’n Spicy chicharrones, Flaming Hot Doritos, Sabritones chips and Sabritas Chips must be avoided while you have braces on.

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What can I not do with braces?

The Top 7 Things You Should Not Do While Wearing Braces

Can I eat ice cream cake with braces?

Braces-Friendly Treats In general, orthodontic patients should look for foods that are soft and easy to chew. Soft, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, peanut butter cups, milk shakes, gelatin, ice cream treats, and most cookies and cakes.

Can I eat lava cake with braces?

This “braces friendly” dessert is the ultimate go-to for all chocolate lovers, especially the ones who love rich dark chocolate, like me! You can ask all my co-workers, family, and friends ” these molten cakes are simply the best!

Is it OK to eat chocolate cake with braces?

Can You Eat Chocolate and Sweets with Braces? Yes, you can eat some chocolates with braces, but in strict moderation and only during meal times. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to go for options that are low in sugar. Sweets, on the other hand, should be avoided.

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