Can you forward text messages on iPhone?

Can you forward text messages on iPhone?

On the iPhone, go to Settings/Messages and select Text Message Forwarding. A list of devices connected to your Apple ID will be displayed. Select all the ones you want text messages forwarded to. After that, any text message sent to your stateside iPhone should be forwarded to your traveling phone.

How do I forward an iPhone message to someone else?

How to forward messages on iPhone and iPad

Forward your text messages Your forwarded text messages will show up in your email or texting app. Settings. Under Messages, turn on the forwarding you want: Forward messages to linked numbers”Tap, and then next to the linked number, check the box.

How do I forward a message in Messages?

Open the texting app you usually use and tap on the conversation that includes the text message(s) you’re trying to forward. 2. Tap and hold one of the text messages that you want to forward. When a menu pops up, tap on “Forward Message.”

How do I automatically forward text messages to another number?

Your forwarded text messages will show up in your email or texting app.

How do I forward text messages secretly?

There are plenty of apps and programs available to spy ” er, monitor someone’s activities, and there’s another Android app to add to the mix. Secret SMS Replicator, after being installed on a mobile phone, will forward all text messages sent from a phone to another number without the owner’s knowledge.

Is there an app that forwards texts to another phone?

mysms mirror is a handy SMS extension for everyone who uses two or more smartphones. The app displays your texts from one phone to your other phone so that you are always up to date. No missed texts, no lost messages, no worries which phone to take.

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AutoForward Text is an excellent SMS forwarding app for Android devices. The app allows you to forward text messages to an email address. The forwarded information also includes the contact details as well as the GPS location of the phone. You can even select multiple email addresses to forward to.

How do I automatically forward text messages from Android to iPhone?

So if you have both an Android phone and an iPhone, try using a third-party app like AutoForwardSMS on your Android phone. These apps allow Android’s SMS texts to be auto-forwarded to any other phone type, including iPhones. Many even forward your incoming text messages to your email address.

Does iPhone 7 have text message forwarding?

One of the main features that can be found on your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is Text Message Forwarding feature. What Text Message Forwarding does is it mirrors text messages sent to your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the Messages app on the Mac or iPad.

How can I send all my text messages to another phone?

Open up the app on both phones, and hit “Transfer”. A box will appear explaining how the process works. Select the desired option on each phone, between “Send from this phone” and “Receive on this phone”. The phones will then search for each other over the network.

How do I receive messages on two iphones?

Make sure that your devices are set up as follows:

Set up text message forwarding

How do I stop my text messages from going to my husbands phone?

How can I stop my text messages appearing on my husbands iPhone? Stop sharing apple id for imessage/facetime and icoud. On his phone go to settings ” message ” send and receive ” remove or uncheck the apple id. on your iPhone: Settings->Messages->TextMessageForwarding: set to OFF all that you want.

How can I see my wifes iMessages?

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Step 1: Tap the Apple ID icon on your wife’s iPhone. Step 2: Switch on the iMessage sync so that all the message log is synced with the iCloud ID. Step 3: Open your wife’s iCloud ID on another device. Depending on the number of messages, this may take some time to load.

Can you spy on someones iMessages?

Minspy comes with an exceptional reputation that offers the easiest way to read someone’s Android and iOS text messages for free. After installing the spying app, one can get access through a web-based control panel. The app is widely used because it can read statements as well as can monitor other activities.

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