Did Jackie Chan and Jet Li ever do a movie together?

Did Jackie Chan and Jet Li ever do a movie together?

Two of the biggest martial arts stars, Jackie Chan [Images] and Jet Li, come together in one of China’s most expensive movies ever made, The Forbidden Kingdom. The film is directed by Rob Minkoff (The Lion King, Stuart Little movies). The Forbidden Kindgom was earlier titled The J & J Project.

What was Jet Li’s first movie?

Shaolin Si

Why did Jet Li stop acting?

Last hero in China Part of the reason for Li’s partial withdrawal from the spotlight had to do with a 2010 diagnosis of hyperthyroidism, which he only revealed to the public after three years had passed.

Can Jet Li speak English?

Jet Li (李連,’) is an international superstar, so hearing him speak fluent English isn’t a surprise. After graduating primary school, Jet Li went to an athletic school to learn and study wushu. In 1982, he debuted in the film Shaolin Temple
<'林寺>, which was the first martial arts film made in mainland China.

Is Jet Li really sick?

His management swatted away the reports at the time (“Jet is completely fine,” manager Steven Chasman said) and Li laughed them off to USA TODAY during a March interview. “I have no problem,” said Li. “Because I’m not making a lot of movies, other people think I’m sick.

Is Jet Li daughter in Mulan 2020?

Jet Li’s 15-year-old daughter convinced him to act in Mulan In his interview Jet, Li also revealed that it was his 15-year-old daughter Jade Li who had convinced him to take up the role in Mulan. When Jet Li’s daughter heard about Mulan she asked him three questions.

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Did Jet Li do his own stunts?

He is well known for doing his own stunts, often with little safety devices. He typically gets physically hurt because of it. He has his own stuntman team. His inspirations include Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd.

Is Jet Li a black belt?

Jet Li is one of the most recognizable martial arts stars of the past few decades. He’s a champion in at least one field of martial arts. That said, he’s never acquired a black belt due to his martial art of choice. Li studied Wushu from a young age, a martial art with no belt ranking system.

Does Jet Li know kung fu?

No, he isn’t. As Biography tells us, Jet Li is as real as they come. The youngest child of a poor family, he got into wushu (the Chinese term for Kung Fu) at the age of eight. According to his website, he was randomly assigned to wushu class when he was at school, and didn’t even really know what it was at the point.

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