Did James Arness and Peter Graves have the same parents?

Did James Arness and Peter Graves have the same parents?

(AP) _ Ruth A. Salisbury, the mother of actors James Arness and Peter Graves, died at her home following a brief illness. She was 87. Arness starred in the television western ″Gunsmoke,″ and Graves in the action series ″Mission Impossible.″ Both also have appeared in motion pictures.

Who is older John Wayne or James Arness?

So, what is that similarity? Well, they share the same birthday. John Wayne was born on May 26, 1907, in Winterset, Iowa. James Arness was born on May 26, 1923, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, according to IMDb.com.

Did John Wayne and James Arness ever star in a movie together?

The screen tough guys were good friends in real life and Arness co-starred with Wayne in Big Jim McLain (1952), Hondo (1953), Island in the Sky (1953) and The Sea Chase (1955). John Wayne even recommended that Arness star in Gunsmoke and introduces his friend in a prologue to the first episode of the series.

How many movies was John Wayne and James Arness in together?

They were probably in six movies together.” No, although they appeared in four movies together, those connections aren’t part of the six items in this list. The parallels between the two Western stars go further than that, even though one man was made famous by movies, and the other by TV.

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Is Leslie Nielsen related to James Arness?

The Arness brothers and Nielsen were all born in the 20s, with Nielsen and Peter Graves even co-starring in Airplane! However, the Minneapolis-born Peter and James are not related to Nielsen.

Why did Miss Kitty leave Dodge?

Amanda Blake, who played Miss Kitty, grew tired of commuting from her Phoenix home to Hollywood and quit the show in 1974. Blake went on to live through her own personal drama. She got cancer. Recently in North Miami Beach, Blake, 55, received the American Cancer Society`s Sword of Hope award.

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