do ulta employees get gratis

Working in the beauty industry can be exciting, especially for those who love makeup and skincare. Ulta Beauty is a popular destination for beauty enthusiasts, and many people wonder if Ulta employees get gratis as part of their employment perks. In this article, I will delve into the world of gratis at Ulta Beauty and explore the benefits it offers to employees.

What is Gratis?

Before we dive into the specifics of Ulta’s gratis program, let’s first understand what gratis actually means. Gratis is a term used in the beauty industry to refer to complimentary products that are given to employees for testing, personal use, or as part of their job perks. It’s a way for brands and retailers to allow their employees to experience and become familiar with the products they sell, which can be beneficial for customer service and sales.

Ulta Employee Benefits

Ulta offers a range of benefits to its employees, including health insurance, 401(k) plans, and paid time off. Additionally, the company provides gratis to its employees as a way to engage them with the products they offer and enhance their product knowledge. This can be particularly useful for employees who work on the sales floor and interact with customers daily.

How Does the Gratis Program Work at Ulta?

Ulta’s gratis program allows employees to receive complimentary beauty products from the brands carried in the store. These products can include makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance items. Employees may receive gratis as part of product training, promotions, or simply as a perk of their employment.

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Benefits of Gratis for Ulta Employees

Receiving gratis can provide numerous benefits for Ulta employees. It allows them to test out and familiarize themselves with new products, which can enhance their ability to recommend and sell these items to customers. Additionally, having first-hand experience with the products can make employees more passionate and knowledgeable about what they are selling, improving their overall performance and customer service skills.

Restrictions and Guidelines

While gratis is an attractive perk, there are typically guidelines and restrictions in place to ensure that it is used responsibly. Employees may be limited in the amount of gratis they can receive within a certain time period, and there may be rules regarding the use of gratis products while on the job. These guidelines are in place to prevent abuse of the program and to maintain professionalism in the workplace.

My Experience with Ulta’s Gratis Program

As a former employee of Ulta Beauty, I had the opportunity to participate in the gratis program. I found it to be a valuable benefit, as it allowed me to try out new products and gain hands-on experience with the items we sold. This firsthand knowledge was incredibly helpful when assisting customers and recommending products, and it made me feel more invested in the brand and the products we offered.


In conclusion, Ulta employees do indeed receive gratis as part of their employment perks. This program provides numerous benefits to employees, enhancing their product knowledge, passion, and overall performance. While there are guidelines in place to ensure responsible use, gratis is a valuable aspect of working at Ulta Beauty.


1. How often do Ulta employees receive gratis?

Ulta employees may receive gratis based on various factors, such as product launches, promotions, or as part of training. The frequency can vary, but there are typically guidelines in place to regulate the distribution of gratis.

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2. Can Ulta employees choose which gratis products they receive?

Employees may not have complete control over which gratis products they receive, as it often depends on the brands and products being promoted or offered as part of the program. However, they may have the opportunity to provide input or preferences when possible.

3. Are there any limitations to using gratis products as an Ulta employee?

There are typically guidelines and restrictions in place to regulate the responsible use of gratis products. This may include limitations on the amount of gratis received within a certain timeframe and rules for using gratis products while on the job.

4. Can Ulta employees purchase gratis products?

Gratis products are intended for employee testing and personal use and are not typically for resale. Employees may be restricted from selling or profiting from gratis items received as part of their employment perks.

5. Are gratis products taxable for Ulta employees?

Yes, gratis products are considered a form of employee compensation and may be subject to taxation. Employees should consult with their employer or tax professional for guidance on how gratis may impact their taxes.

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