Do you feel bloated at 10 weeks pregnant?

Do you feel bloated at 10 weeks pregnant?

At 10 weeks some women might start to see the beginnings of a baby bump, but your clothes may also be feeling snug due to bloating. The increased progesterone levels cause the muscles in your womb to relax and expand. However, this also loosens the muscles in your digestive tract.

Why do I have a bump at 10 weeks pregnant?

The 10-week mark is often the time in pregnancy when a baby bump is first noticeable”at least to an expecting mom. Expansion of the uterus, muscles and ligaments to accommodate a growing baby are all part of the growing bump.

What causes bloating in first trimester?

Bloating is a common early pregnancy sign. In some cases, bloating can occur even before the first missed period. During early pregnancy, the hormone progesterone increases to prepare the uterus. Progesterone also slows digestion, which can trap the gas in the intestines that may cause abdominal bloating.

Why do I feel so bloated at 2 months pregnant?

As your body produces more progesterone to support your pregnancy, progesterone relaxes muscles in your body. This includes the muscles of your intestine. Slower moving intestine muscles mean that your digestion slows down. This allows gas to build up, which in turn leads to bloating, burping, and flatulence.

What helps gas and bloating during pregnancy?

What else can I do to relieve gas and bloating during pregnancy?

What does pregnancy bloating feel like?

Bloating during pregnancy is to be expected; it is rarely a cause for concern. Bloating may feel like having an inflated balloon in the belly.

“Gentle pushing on your belly as it gets bigger is fine,” says Dr. Michele Hakakha. “Hard jabs, kicks, or punches can be dangerous, particularly as you get farther along in your pregnancy.”

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So, you may want to think of two months pregnant as covering week five through week eight.

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