Do you say doing well or doing good?

Do you say doing well or doing good?

Both are correct BUT ‘good’ is an adjective and ‘well’ is an adverb. ‘I am doing good’ is how a lot of Americans speak, and a lot of British pedants (like me) get very angry and insist that it should be ‘I am doing well’. It’s the old prescriptive over descriptive grammar argument.

What’s another word for doing well?

What is another word for doing well?

What are you doing meaning in English answer?

Used to ask what the interlocutor is currently doing.

What are you doing today reply?

When someone asks ‘what are u doing?’ this question doesn’t require a specific answer. You could answer saying, “Nothing much” or “Just the usual” because the person likely doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of your routine, it’s just a conversation starter.

What doing means?

1 : the act of performing or executing : action that will take a great deal of doing. 2 doings plural. a : things that are done or that occur : goings-on everyday doings. b : social activities.

What do you do meaning?

“What do you do” is a way to ask someone what their job is or what they do for a living. It is a polite question to ask when you first meet someone, or when you are getting to know someone new, or when you haven’t seen someone for a long time.

What do you do for living meaning?

What do you do for a living?: What’s your job? How do you earn your money? What do you do for work? to make a living to make enough cash to live on, to earn money, to work.

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How could you do that meaning?

“How would you do that” is a question asking how that person would do something. “How did you do that” is a question asking why someone did what they already did.

Why would you or why?

‘Why would you do that?’ implies that the speaker thinks there is not a good reason for having done it. In contrast, ‘Why did you do that?’ implies that the speaker acknowledges that there might have been a reason for doing it and is just asking which reason was actually the cause.

How did you do it meaning?

“Did you do it?” is the question you want to ask to find out who did something. You can also use it to ask whether a task is finished, although the emphasis is different: Did you do it?

Why would you ask meaning?

However, “Why do you ask?” is fairly neutral in tone, and usually means that the person asking it is genuinely confused as to why the other person wants to know. It is also often used after the person has actually answered the question: A) “So when did you start your current job?” B) “Oh, donkey’s years ago.

Why would you ask me that meaning?

I think that “Why would you ask me that?” usually means, “Why, exactly, would you expect me to know the answer to that question?” The person who says it thinks there is something behind the question that is not immediately evident.

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