Does Guam still have a snake problem?

Does Guam still have a snake problem?

Currently, the brown tree snake population on Guam is declining with an equilibrium population size predicted to be roughly 30 to 50 snakes per hectare (12-20 per acre). The decline in snake population may be identified as a result of depleted food resources, adult mortality, and/or suppressed reproduction.

Why are there so many snakes in Guam?

Since the wildlife on Guam evolved without these kinds of scaly predators snacking on their eggs and young, the forests provided a veritable smorgasbord for the invaders, causing the population to expand to a whopping 2 million snakes, with densities of up to 5,000 individuals per square kilometre (or 13,000 per square …

How many birds are on Guam?

The avifauna of Guam include a total of 143 species as of August 2019, according to Bird Checklists of the World. Of them, eight have been introduced by humans and 32 are rare or accidental.

Are there palm trees in Guam?

The palms on Guam are currently threatened by an invasive insect, called the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle. The coconut palm is interwoven into the history of the CHamoru people more so than any of the other traditional plants. These trees provide the necessities of life ” food, drink, oil, thatch, and animal feed.

Is the coconut tree native to Guam?

Often referred to as “The Tree of Life,” the coconut tree, called trongkon niyok in Chamorro, is the most used of all native plants on Guam. Coconut meat and juice were sources of food and nutrition not only for the ancient Chamorros but are essential in many local dishes today.

What is the Chamorro word for a local coconut toddy?

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Most used of plants. The coconut, called niyok in Chamorro/CHamoru and cocos nucifera scientifically, is undoubtedly one of the most important native plant foods in the Mariana Islands.

What does Niyok mean in Chamorro?

entry. niyok. pronunciation. meaning. Coconut”tree or fruit.

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