Does Jayfeather die?

Does Jayfeather die?

” JAYFEATHER!” She screeched. Lionblaze was there to panicking. ” Its Oky really you will be fine so will u Alderheart.” ” Good bye mother.” Jayfeather whispered. Then he died.

What happened Jayfeather?

Jayfeather: “As if we didn’t before.” Jayfeather is now ThunderClan’s head medicine cat with the death of Leafpool and remains just as grouchy. He chastises his grandniece, Bristlepaw when she insults StarClan but is stopped by Bramblestar.

Who tried killing Jayfeather?


Does Squirrelflight die?

Squirrelflight takes over Bramblestar’s duties as he falls ill, and when he dies, she is overcome with grief, refusing to take up leadership. When he is revived, she is overjoyed, returning to her position as deputy.

Who killed Cloudtail?


Who killed Badgerfang?


How did Badgerpaw die?

During the battle in which ShadowClan drives WindClan out of its territory, Badgerpaw is attacked by an enemy warrior, who wounds him fatally.

How did Ravenpaw die warrior cats?

Silverstream told Ravenpaw to bring the kits to SkyClan to fulfill their destiny. After the battle, Ravenpaw was severely injured and succumbed to the painful lump in his stomach that had been bothering him. Laying on Barley’s paws, Ravenpaw passed away, and Leafstar gave him a warrior’s farewell.

Who was the first cat to go to StarClan?


Who is the most hated warrior cat?

My 10 Most Hated Warrior Cats; by Wolfpaw

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Who is the most evil warrior cat?

Most Evil Warrior Cats

Who is the prettiest warrior cat?

Top 10 Prettiest and Most Beautiful Female Warrior Cats

How did Goosefeather die?

brain infection

Who died in warrior cats?

The Darkest Hour

Do warrior cats cry?

They wail. They’re eyes can get cloudy but I’m pretty sure that’s as close as it gets. Cats can’t shed tears as a response to emotion.

Who did Cinderpelt love?

Is Millie dead warrior cats?

Graystripe: “But she’s alive. She’s here with us.” Millie: “She has to watch her littermates living the lives of warriors, while she just yowls and coughs and drags herself to and from the fresh-kill pile!”

How does fireheart die?

Firestar, as the fourth cat in the prophecy, fought in the Great Battle and lost his final life due to wounds. He continues to watch over the cats by the lake from StarClan, and guides medicine cats with the prophecies he gives.

Is Ravenpaw a boy or girl?

Ravenpaw is a male, previously a ThunderClan apprentice and loner.

Who gave Bluestar her 9 lives?

Bluefur is with Featherwhisker in the shadows of Mothermouth. She has come to receive her nine lives, and the she-cat is reminded of the time she came here with Pinestar. When she returns to ThunderClan she will be Bluestar, their new leader.

What were Firestar’s last words?


Which cats died in the last hope?


Why did Brokenstar kill Raggedstar?

Brokenstar reveals to Yellowfang that he killed Raggedstar because he said he was a weak leader in a fake ambush that he had his warriors help him with, making it look like an attack from a rival Clan, so that he could become leader in his father’s place.

How old is Bluestar?

Age: Approx. 90 moons (7.5 years) at death.

Is Tallstar a girl?

Tallstar is a large, black-and-white tom with a very long, thin, black tail. He has a white muzzle, that has gray fur around it, short, thick fur, and amber eyes.

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Who is Ashfur’s sister?


How does Frostfur die?


Who is Ashfur’s mom?


Who is Mistyfoot’s mate?

Mistystar’s parents are Oakheart and Bluestar, and her siblings are Stonefur and Mosskit. Her mate is Blackclaw and their children are Reedwhisker, Primrosepaw, Pikepaw and Perchkit.

Did Lionblaze die?

He grows angered when he discovers he can get injured, such as tripping over roots. Cinderheart festers over him, though Dovewing insists he is still the strongest and bravest warrior in ThunderClan. When a fox attacks the patrol, Lionblaze kills it.

Does Jayfeather die?

Does Jayfeather die?

Jayfeather looked at her and smiled. ” Its Oky really you will be fine so will u Alderheart.” ” Good bye mother.” Jayfeather whispered. Then he died. The whole clan started wailing.

Why does Hollyleaf kill Ashfur?

Later, Leafpool reveals she knew that it was Hollyleaf who killed Ashfur, because the tuft of fur had her scent. Later, Hollyleaf reveals at a Gathering that Leafpool and Crowfeather were her, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather’s parents, not Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw.

Who is Ashfur’s mom?


Was Snowtuft deaf?

“Snowkit is deaf, Snowtuft isn’t.” ” There are four options here: 1) Snowkit was spent to Starclan first, which is where his deafness was healed. Then a hearing Snowkit went to the Dark Forest, where he becomes Snowtuft.

Is Snowkit dead?

Deaths. Snowkit is killed by a hawk.

Did Smokepaw die?

While in the mountains, the Clans are traveling along a very narrow path; part of the cliff breaks and Smokepaw slips, but manages to get a pawhold on one of the ledges. Russetfur lunges for him, but her weight makes more of the cliff crumble. Unable to hold on any longer, Smokepaw falls to his death.

Why was Snowkit deaf?

Snowkit may be deaf because it is common for pure white cats with blue eyes to be born partially or completely deaf. This is due to a genetic phenomenon called pleiotropy, where the dominant genes coding for a white coat and blue eyes interfere with unrelated genes that affect the cat’s hearing.

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Who dies in warrior cats?

Rising Storm

What is the saddest death in warrior cats?

1. Firestar- He died ridding the Clans of Tigerstar- or at least after Tigerstar was killed, Firestar died.

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