does usps do money orders


If you’re looking for a convenient and reliable way to send money, you may be wondering whether the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers money orders. The short answer is yes – USPS does indeed offer money orders, which can be a useful option for sending funds in a safe and secure manner. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the details of USPS money orders, including how they work, where to get them, and what you need to know before using them.

What is a Money Order?

A money order is a payment method that is similar to a check, but offers more security for the recipient. When you purchase a money order, you are essentially buying a prepaid check with a specific amount that can be cashed or deposited by the person or entity to whom it is addressed. Money orders are often used for transactions where cash or personal checks are not accepted, as they guarantee that the recipient will receive the specified amount.

How Do USPS Money Orders Work?

To obtain a money order from USPS, you can visit any post office location and request one from the counter. You will need to fill out a form with the recipient’s information and the amount you wish to send. Once you have completed the form, you can pay for the money order with cash, debit card, or traveler’s checks. USPS will then issue the money order, which will include a receipt for your records.

Where Can You Send USPS Money Orders?

Once you have obtained a USPS money order, you can use it to send money to individuals or organizations anywhere in the United States. Simply give the money order to the recipient, and they can then cash it at a post office, bank, or other financial institution.

What Are the Fees for USPS Money Orders?

When purchasing a USPS money order, you will need to pay a small fee in addition to the amount you wish to send. The fees vary depending on the value of the money order, with higher amounts incurring slightly higher fees. It’s important to check the current fee schedule at your local post office before obtaining a money order, as the rates may vary.

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Are There Limits to USPS Money Orders?

Yes, there are limits to the amount of money you can send using USPS money orders. As of the time of this writing, the maximum amount for a single money order is $1,000 for domestic use and $700 for international use. If you need to send larger amounts, you will need to purchase multiple money orders.

What Happens if a USPS Money Order is Lost or Stolen?

If you have purchased a USPS money order and it is lost, stolen, or damaged, you may be able to request a replacement. You will need to fill out a form and pay a fee, and USPS will then research the status of the money order to determine if it has been cashed. If it has not been cashed, USPS will issue a replacement money order. It’s important to keep your money order receipt in a safe place to facilitate the replacement process if necessary.


In conclusion, USPS offers a convenient and secure option for sending money in the form of money orders. Whether you need to send money to a friend, family member, or business, USPS money orders can be a reliable way to ensure that your funds are delivered safely. With reasonable fees and the ability to send money domestically and internationally, USPS money orders provide a valuable service for those in need of a trustworthy payment method.


1. Can I purchase a USPS money order online?

Unfortunately, USPS does not currently offer the option to purchase money orders online. You will need to visit a physical post office location to obtain a money order.

2. How long are USPS money orders valid?

USPS money orders do not expire, but there is a service charge after one to three years if the money order has not been cashed.

3. Can I use a credit card to purchase a USPS money order?

At this time, USPS only accepts cash, debit card, or traveler’s checks as payment for money orders. Credit cards are not accepted for money order purchases.

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4. Can I cash a USPS money order at any bank?

Most banks and financial institutions will cash USPS money orders, but some may have specific policies or fees associated with money order cashing. It’s best to check with the bank before attempting to cash a USPS money order.

5. Are there any restrictions on who can purchase a USPS money order?

Anyone can purchase a USPS money order as long as they have a valid form of payment and the recipient’s information. There are no specific restrictions on who can buy a money order from USPS.