How can I improve my probe trust?

How can I improve my probe trust?

Probe Trust is the resource you allocate to design the probes on Stage 3. It can be reallocated as often as you like. Probe trust is increased by spending yomi, up to the available Max Trust.

What is value drift in Universal paperclips?

In the context of Universal Paperclips, “value drift” appears to account for AI-powered probes whose goals have diverged from your own goals as the clip-making AI, and are thus either useless to the clip-making effort or actively harmful (see Combat). The rate of Value Drift seems to be roughly 11%.

How do you get honor in Universal paperclips?


How do you get combat at Universal paper clips?

Combat is a project during stage 3. It involves fighting the probes that have drifted away from your control. This project becomes available when you lose the first probes in combat with drifters.

Quantum Computing allows you to get bonus operations by clicking the “Compute” button. It becomes available to research once you have 5 processors. The research itself costs 10,000 ops, however computations are only allowed once you have a Photonic Chip.

What does quantum computing do in Universal paperclips?

In Universal Paperclips, quantum computing lets you speed up operations and even temporarily push past your memory limit. It’s particularly useful if you’re just short of unlocking a big new upgrade and don’t feel like waiting around for more Trust.

What does marketing do in Universal paperclips?

Marketing is a leveled metric that affects how the public views your product, and how likely they are to purchase it (see: Public Demand).

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How long does it take to beat Universal paperclips?


How do you start over in Universal paper clips?

Resetting the game

How do universal paper clips increase creativity?

Summary. Creativity is a resource that is used to complete Projects. It is unlocked by this project, and increases when Processors have finished creating the maximum available Operations in memory, at which point the remaining Operations cycles are used to create Creativity.

You can get along with creative people through your existing communities or with people around you. Take advantage of time with creative people by pouring ideas, exchanging thoughts, asking for advice and criticism for new inspirations and ideas.

How do you get Honor paper clips?

How do you make a creativity paperclip?

How do you unlock combat in Universal paperclips?

How do investments work in Universal paperclips?

Investment is opened to the player by researching the Algorithmic Trading project. This will create a trading window where the player can Deposit funds and Withdraw them. There are two clickable buttons and a drop down menu, as well as a list of three values.

How much does a paper clip cost?

A paper clip normally costs about two cents.

eleven billion paper clips

How do you reset a universal paperclip?

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