How do you get more study points in Yandere simulator?

How do you get more study points in Yandere simulator?

After using the debug command. Study points are a way to increase stats in each of Ayano Aishi’s skills in Yandere Simulator. When Ayano goes to class, she will receive a number of study points that the player can use to spend in each school subject. The number of study points she receives depends on her punctuality.

How do you open the cheat menu in Yandere simulator?

Press the key to open and close the debug menu.

How do you kill Osana?

What you first is join the Gardening club to access the poison stored inside the main shed. This will be done on a Monday, the day in which Osana gives Senpai a bento box. Go to her class (while shes not there) and you will be given the option to poison the bento box.

Can you beat Yandere simulator?

Since the game is still in early production, there is only one ending achievable, The Genocide Ending. (The Demo Ending is not really an ending, they are just cutscenes that play before Week 2). YandereDev has mentioned a few times on what kind of endings the game might have, but are not fully implemented yet.

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Who is Senpai’s crush?

Taro Yamada, also known as Senpai, is the love of Ayano Aishi/Ayato Aishi’s life and one of the main characters of Yandere Simulator.

Who has a crush on Ayano?

Osana Najimi

Who is info Chan’s mom?

Ryoba Aishi

How do you unlock Ayano on Crush Crush?

Ayano is the playable eighth girl unlocked in the game. She is unlocked after reaching Tenderness 12. You meet her after she kills Generica, your highschool crush and the actual eighth girl , who you originally confessed your love to.

Does Raibaru have a crush on Osana?

Raibaru is overly close and protective of her best friend, Osana, with most of her daily routine revolving around following her friend around the school.

Why does Osana say Baka?

Everyone either uses it because it’s a fun word to say because of Osana, or a swear word (We all know that one). Well, in reality, if you say that to a woman in Japan, prepare to be slapped. The word ‘baka’ really means idiot.

How do you get Senpai to reject Osana?

Once Osana has created a playlist of classical music for Senpai, Ayano must steal her phone and replace the music in the Computer Lab with the audio she recorded to make it sound like Osana is bad-mouthing Senpai. If all of these events have been sabotaged, Senpai will reject Osana’s confession on Friday.

How do you befriend Osana?

In order to befriend Osana, the player must complete Osana’s task. At 7:30 AM, Osana gets a phone call from her stalker. The player must hear Osana’s private phonecall without being caught eavesdropping. After that, at cleaning time, Osana and Raibaru will have a private conversation about Osana’s personal problem.

Can Yandere simulator be played on a laptop?

This game can be run on any device with Android 4.3 or later.

What type of guy does Osana like?

Osana will say that she likes a guy who has a ponytail, glasses, and piercings. She also values intelligence, and that any guy she dates has to be a cat person.

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How do you make friends on Yandere simulator?

A friend. Friends are a type of student in Yandere Simulator that Ayano Aishi can use for certain favors. The only way to befriend a student is to complete a task for them. Once the task is finished, they will thank Ayano and will become her friend.

Who is Yandere Chan’s best friend?

Best friends in Yandere simulator!

How do you add Osana in Yandere simulator?

Currently the only way of adding the real Osana, along with her daily routine (and the task that you can perform for her) is to modify game code.

How do you kidnap in Yandere simulator?

The requirements for kidnapping from “How to kidnap a girl in Yandere Simulator” Ayano must get to Rank 1 in Biology so that she knows how to properly attack with a syringe without accidentally killing the victim. Old Fundoshi Panties will make the process of leveling up her Biology stat easier.

Is kokona a rival?

Kokona was a test rival. The only event that showed her feelings was her Wednesday speech, where she hid behind the tree and spoke while staring at Senpai.

Where is the kidnapping box in Yandere Simulator 2020?

It’s in one of the storage rooms in the gym.

Where is the box in Yandere simulator?

In the game, the box cutter was found by the school entrance for debugging purposes, but was relocated to the Art Club in the November 15th, 2016 Build. The box cutter can be concealed and is not seen as suspicious, so Ayano’s reputation will not be damaged if she is seen carrying one.

How do I change my mask in Yandere simulator?

When wearing a delinquent mask, press the Left Alt key to change the texture on the mask.

Where do you get gloves in Yandere simulator?

the Drama Club

How do you frame Osana theft?

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Frame For Theft (Tuesday) On Tuesday, the player must steal Sakyu Basu’s ring while she’s eating lunch and place the ring in Osana’s bag, which is at her desk. After that, the player must report Osana to the guidance counselor and attend class.

How do you join the delinquents in Yandere simulator?

In order to join, her reputation must be -33 or lower, her hair must be dyed blonde, she must currently be using the Tough Persona, and she must have completed the tasks for each delinquent. If all of these requirements are met, Ayano can speak to Umeji about joining the delinquents.

Where is the guidance counselor in Yandere simulator?

Akademi High School

How do you get a rival in Yandere simulator?

Each rival will be introduced via a cut-scene conversation with Info-chan. The rivals from weeks two to ten will each have a reason for not coming to the school for the previous weeks of the game.

Who has a crush on kokona?

Taro Yamada

Who was the first Yandere?

Yukako Yamagishi

Does megami have crush on senpai?

Senpai. It is unknown if Megami likes Senpai or not, but it is mostly thought that she does, as she refers to him as “Senpai”. Megami will try as hard as she can to keep Senpai safe from any harm.

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