How do you know if chocolate is Fairtrade?

How do you know if chocolate is Fairtrade?

On its website, Slave Free Chocolate states that consumers can determine if their chocolate is ethically-sourced by looking for a fair trade certification label on the product; additionally, “cocoa from outside West Africa is almost always ethically grown,” according to the organization, so you can also look to see …

Does Lindt chocolate use child labor?

What is the position of Lindt & Sprüngli on child labor and what does the company do to prevent it in its supply chain? Lindt & Sprüngli strongly condemns all forms of child labor. By improving the livelihoods of farmers and their communities, the risk of child labor can be reduced.

Does Nestle own Hershey?

Hersheypark started as a leisure park for his employees. The Hershey Company is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world but produces baked goods and drinks as well. Nestle is a Swiss company that was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestle and was created by a merger with Anglo-Swiss Milk Company in 1905.

Is chocolate harvested by slaves?

The cocoa they grow and harvest is sold to a majority of chocolate companies, including the largest in the world. In recent years, a handful of organizations and journalists have exposed the widespread use of child labor, and in some cases slavery, on cocoa farms in Western Africa.

Why is Nike unethical?

Nike sweatshops Nike had been accused of using sweatshops to produce its sneakers and activewear since the 1970s but it was only in 1991, when activist Jeff Ballinger published a report detailing the low wages and poor working conditions in Nike’s Indonesian factories, that the sportswear brand came under fire.

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Does target use child labor?

Target does not knowingly buy or sell products that are made, in whole or in part, using forced or underage labor.

Does Levis use child labor?

Workers can be no less than 14 years of age and not younger than the compulsory age to be in school. We will not utilize partners who use child labor in any of their facilities.

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