How do you read all text messages on iPhone?

How do you read all text messages on iPhone?

Open the Messages app on the iPhone or iPad. Tap the “Edit” button in the corner and then at the bottom of the Messages app tap on “Read All”

How do I see older text messages?

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How do you get to the top of a text chain?

The conversation will be quickly scrolled up to the beginning. Actually this applies to any long list (table). For example, you can open the settings app, then scroll all the way down. Then tap the status bar and you’ll be scrolled back to the top.

How can I view old text messages on my iPhone without scrolling?

Get to the top of any Conversation

How do you get to the beginning of a text conversation on iPhone 2020?

Open the Messages app > Tap on the message thread of the person you want to see the first iMessage sent from > Tap on the time stamp at the top of your display and you’ll be taken to the first message. This trick also works to get you back to your most recent message threads if you have scrolled down.

Is there a faster way to scroll through old texts on iPhone?

A faster navigation method is to tap at the top of the screen and let it instantly scroll a few messages at a time. Open the Messages app in iOS and select the conversation you want to view. Now tap once near the clock (or on either side of the camera notch) at the top of your iPhone or iPad screen.

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For easier access, make sure Reachability is enabled by accessing the phone’s “Settings,” tapping “General” and “Accessibility” and toggling “Reachability” to the “On” position. With this feature active, swipe down from the bottom of your screen to bring everything down into thumb’s reach.

How do you go to a certain date on iMessage?

Tip: Unfortunately, currently, there is no way to search iMessages/text messages by date on iPhone. You can also access text messages on iPhone with Spotlight. Just tap and swipe to the right to bring up Spotlight Search from the Home screen. Then, tap the search bar and enter the information you are searching for.

How do I restore iMessages?

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How can I retrieve deleted text messages from another phone?

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