How do you remove stack on tool box drawers?


How do you remove stack on tool box drawers?

Adjust the lever on the right side of the unit so that it releases the drawer from the track. Push the lever whichever way you did for the left one to release the drawer. Use your hands to physically separate and remove the drawer from the stack-on tool chest.

Are snap on drawer slides warranty?

Registered. Snap on tool boxes have a lifetime warranty, if you buy them from snap on.

How do you open a Snap On tool chest?

Proper tools are needed and it should only be done when you are the legal owner of the box.

How do you remove Matco toolbox drawers?

Place your thumbs on the slide rail alongside the drawer. Push the drawer back 1/4 inch while holding the sliding rail still. This will unlock the drawer from the rail tabs. Lift the drawer away from the tool box.

How much clearance is needed for drawer slides?

Required clearance is typically around a ½” between the drawer slides and the sides of the cabinet opening and generally the only downside to a side-mount drawer slide is that they will limit the horizontal width of your drawer.

How much gap should be between drawers?

Drawer depth or height is not critical, but the most common difference between the drawer and the opening is 3/4 inch. For example, if the opening measures 4 inches vertically, the drawer should be built 3 1/4 inches. This allows 1/4 inch at the bottom where the slide is attached, and 1/2 inch at the top for clearance.

How do you measure for self closing drawer slides?

Drawer Slide Length For side-mount and center-mount slides, typically measure the distance from the front edge of the cabinet to the inside face of the cabinet back and then subtract 1″. For under-mount slides, measure the drawer length.

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How much weight can a Blum drawer hold?

150 pounds

Most drawer slides are rated at 75, 100, or 150 pounds. However, some ball-bearing slides can hold up to a 500-pound load. Knowing how heavy a load you need to support may help filter out your choices, and narrow down your choices to those that are most specific to your needs.

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