How do you spell naivete?

How do you spell naivete?

Naivety or Naiveness (also spelled naïvety or naïveté) is the state of being naïve, that is to say, having or showing a lack of experience, or understanding sophistication, often in a context in which one neglects pragmatism in favor of moral idealism. One who is naïve may be called a naïf.

What is an example of being naive?

The definition of naive is being immature, unaware or overly trusting. An example of naive is someone who believes that the moon is made of cheese because their mother said it was. Lacking worldly experience and understanding, especially: A child with a naive charm.

Is naiveté an English word?

noun. the quality or state of being naive; natural or artless simplicity.

What’s another word for naïve?

Some common synonyms of naive are artless, ingenuous, natural, and unsophisticated.

What does tout de suite mean?


How do you use naivete in a sentence?

Naivete sentence example

What language is naive?


What is a Navette?

Navette is another term to describe a marquise shaped gemstone or jewelry contour. Pointed at both ends with equally curved sides, the term navette shape usually refers to the contour or outline of a gemstone, such as a marquise shaped cabochon, rather than a faceted gemstone.

Is naive a negative word?

Naive is a negative word. In and of itself, it’s neither and would probably be taken as negative a little more than half the time.

What is the meaning of word naive?

1 : marked by unaffected simplicity : artless, ingenuous the experienced man speaks simply and wisely to the naive girl” Gilbert Highet. 2a : deficient in worldly wisdom or informed judgment their naive ignorance of life …

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Where does the word naive come from?

naive (adj.) of naïf, from Old French naif “naive, natural, genuine; just born; foolish, innocent; unspoiled, unworked” (13c.), from Latin nativus “not artificial,” also “native, rustic,” literally “born, innate, natural” (see native (adj.)).

Is naive a synonym for gullible?

SYNONYMS FOR gullible credulous, trusting, naive, innocent, simple, green.

What do you call someone who is not gullible?

credulous Add to list Share. People who believe things easily without having to be convinced are credulous. Calling someone credulous can imply that the person is naive and simple.

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