How do you use a number line to solve 245 137?

How do you use a number line to solve 245 137?

Answer Expert Verified Number line is a use of horizontal line. To know the answer of 245 ” 137 using a number line, draw a horizontal line and count from 0 to 245 lines then count 137 from 245. Then you will get the answer. 245 ” 137 = 108.

How do you add without using number lines?

Hint: Adding one number to the other is just counting starting from the first number as many times the second number. When the second number is negative, the addition sign changes to subtraction, and the negative number is written as positive.

A number line with no numbers or markers, essentially the empty number line is a visual representation for recording and sharing students’ thinking strategies during the process of mental computation. Before using an empty number line students need to show a secure understanding of numbers to 100.

What number is always on an open number line?

What are open number lines? An open number line starts as a line with no numbers. They can be used as a visual representation for recording thinking during the process of mental computation.

Why can you use adding up on an open number line?

An open number line reinforces the idea that the answer to a subtraction problem is the difference between two numbers. It supports using the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction by counting up instead of back. It engages students in decomposing numbers and reasoning.

How do you add and subtract on a number line?

Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers using the Number Line

How do you subtract long numbers?

Sometimes, when you are subtracting large numbers, the top digit in a column is smaller than the bottom digit in that column. In that case, you need to borrow from the next column to the left. Borrowing is a two-step process: Subtract 1 from the top number in the column directly to the left.

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