How many miles does a 2009 Honda Civic get on a full tank?

How many miles does a 2009 Honda Civic get on a full tank?

383 miles

How far can a Honda Civic go on full tank?

434 miles

How many miles can a 2009 Honda Civic last?

Now, let’s answer your question, “how many miles can a Honda Civic last?” On average, it should last for more than 200,000 miles. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can last you longer ” up to 300,000 miles or more!

How many miles does a Honda Civic get on a gallon of gas?

Fuel Efficiency The 2020 Honda Civic sedan can go 30 miles per gallon in the city and 38 miles per gallon on the highway with the standard 4-cylinder engine*.

Why is my Honda Civic getting bad gas mileage?

The fuel pump can become clogged or malfunction. A bad fuel pump can lead to a rough running engine because it is not getting enough fuel. This will lead to a decline in gas mileage. Clogged Fuel Filter: A clogged fuel filter will also cause problems with gas mileage.

Is the Honda Civic good on gas?

Honda Civic The newest Civic sedan sports exciting advancements in performance and dominates the roads with up to 32 city/ 42 highway/ and 36 combined mpg ratings*** in the 2020 and 2021 EX and EX-L trims.

What is the best Honda on gas?

Most Fuel Efficient Honda Models

What car wastes the most gas?

Cars with the worst gas mileage

What is the best vehicle on gas?

Most Fuel-Efficient Cars

What car has the fastest 0 60?

World’s Quickest Cars 0-60

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