How much oil does a Road King transmission take?

How much oil does a Road King transmission take?

The transmission fluid capacity is approximately 24 ounces (0.71 liters).

What size motor does a 2003 Road King have?

1450 cc

How much is a 2003 Road King worth?


Does a 2003 Road King have cruise control?

It comes with cruise control All in all, it makes the entire experience more comfortable.

Is a 2003 Road King Fuel Injected?

At the heart of the Road King® is the Twin Cam 88® engine, isolation-mounted in our touring frame for comfortable riding. The engine is offered in both, carbureted and electronic fuel injected versions….Harley Davidson FLHR/I Road King.

What is the difference between a Road King and a Road King special?

While the Road King is geared towards highway cruising the Special is tuned for shorter but more aggressive excursions. While the Special is slightly lighter than the standard guise, the lack of a windshield does make for an unpleasant highway cruise.

Are road kings good for long trips?

They don’t feel as nimble as the Softail, and I love diving into curves on those twisty roads, whereas the Road King has a lighter touch than the Glides. As far as comfort, I think they are all relatively comfortable and suitable for a long trip.

Is the Road King a good bike?

Without all the extra add-ons, the Road King is far lighter than many other V-twin tourers, including those from other companies. It also has a reputation for decent handling”partly because of the weight, partly because it’s designed with good cornering clearance.

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