how to use ulta points online

Ulta Beauty offers a rewards program called Ultamate Rewards that allows
you to earn points on purchases and redeem them for discounts on future
purchases. In this article, I will guide you through the process of using
Ulta points online and maximizing the benefits of the rewards program.

Creating an Ulta Account

The first step to using Ulta points online is to create an account on the
Ulta Beauty website. You can do this by visiting the Ulta website and
clicking on the “Sign In” or “Register” button. Follow the prompts to
create an account with your personal information.

Earning Ulta Points

Once you have created an account, you can start earning points on
qualifying purchases. For every dollar you spend at Ulta Beauty, you will
earn one point. Keep in mind that certain products and services may be
excluded from earning points, so be sure to check the details of each

Redeeming Ulta Points Online

Now that you have accumulated points, you can redeem them for discounts on
your online purchases. When you are ready to make a purchase, simply log
into your Ulta account and add the items you want to buy to your shopping
bag. During the checkout process, you will have the option to apply your
points to receive a discount on your order.

Maximizing Your Ulta Points

To get the most out of your Ulta points, consider taking advantage of
special promotions and bonus point offers. Ulta frequently runs
promotions that allow you to earn extra points on specific purchases or
during certain events. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to boost
your point balance.

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Stacking Coupons and Points

Another way to maximize your Ulta points is by combining them with
coupons and other discounts. Ulta allows you to use your points in
conjunction with other promotions, so look for opportunities to stack
savings and get the best possible deal on your purchases.

Ultimate Rewards Credit Card

Consider applying for the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card, which offers
additional benefits for frequent Ulta shoppers. With the credit card, you
can earn extra points on Ulta purchases and receive exclusive offers and
rewards. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of the credit card before


Using Ulta points online is a great way to save money on your beauty
purchases. By following the steps outlined in this article and
capitalizing on special offers, you can make the most of the Ultamate
Rewards program and enjoy discounts on your favorite products.


How do I check my Ulta points balance?

You can check your Ulta points balance by logging into your account on the
Ulta Beauty website and navigating to the rewards section. Your current
point balance will be displayed on the dashboard.

Do Ulta points expire?

Ulta points do not expire as long as you remain an active member of the
Ultamate Rewards program. However, if your account is inactive for an
extended period, your points may expire.

Can I use my Ulta points in-store?

Yes, you can use your Ulta points both online and in-store. Simply inform
the cashier that you would like to redeem your points at the time of
purchase, and they will apply the discount to your order.

Are there any restrictions on using Ulta points?

While Ulta points can be used on most purchases, there are some
restrictions and exclusions. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of
the Ultamate Rewards program to understand any limitations on point

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Can I transfer my Ulta points to someone else?

Ulta points are non-transferable and can only be used by the account
holder. You cannot transfer points to another person’s account or
consolidate points from multiple accounts.

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