Is a honeybee a producer consumer or decomposer?

Is a honeybee a producer consumer or decomposer?

Honey bees are considered primary consumers because they rely on nectar and pollen produced by flowering plants to produce honey for their consumption. Every living thing on the planet is both a consumer and a producer, and with honeybees, especially so.

What type of consumer is bee?

Primary consumers

Are honey bees producers of consumers?

Answer. Answer:- in terms of food chain, the honey bee are not a producer, they are consumers because without nectars from flowers (flowers have been produced by plants, and they grow in plants), bees would not be able to produce the honey that need to maintain themselves.

What is a bee in the food chain?

Bees are pollinators, They ensure the fertilization of the flowering plant species whose pollen they feed on. Resulting in the production of seeds and fruits. They provide pollination to fruit and vegetable crops.

Can humans live without bees?

Put simply, we cannot live without bees. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that pollinators like bees and butterflies help pollinate approximately 75 percent of the world’s flowering plants. They pollinate roughly 35 percent of the world’s food crops”including fruits and vegetables.

Will bees go extinct?

Honey bee populations Although, the honey bee isn’t on the endangered list, many are still under the impression that they soon will go extinct. Since this species is known for its role in agriculture, the blame is often placed on the ag industry for Colony Collapse Disorder, specifically related pesticide use.

You may have seen the sensational stories on the Internet the past 24 hours that it’s finally been confirmed: Cell Phones KILL Bees! The only problem is… it’s NOT confirmed.

Without bees, they would set fewer seeds and would have lower reproductive success. This too would alter ecosystems. Beyond plants, many animals, such as the beautiful bee-eater birds, would lose their prey in the event of a die-off, and this would also impact natural systems and food webs.

What happens if there are no bees?

We may lose all the plants that bees pollinate, all of the animals that eat those plants and so on up the food chain. Which means a world without bees could struggle to sustain the global human population of 7 billion. Our supermarkets would have half the amount of fruit and vegetables.

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