Is there an app that will read my textbook to me?

Is there an app that will read my textbook to me?

VitalSource offers an app called Bookshelf which enables offline access to e-textbooks. One of the Bookshelf app’s features, called Read Aloud, allows listening to the eTexts being read to you. Once you’ve installed the app, you will need to log in.

How do you use Animaker voice?

To use the Voiceover option in Animaker, click on the ‘Voice-over’ option in the item menu.

How do I make my phone sound more attractive?

10 Ways to Sound Better on the Phone

How do you talk softly on the phone?

Get in a quiet place so there is no background noise. Use a headset or keep the phone close to your mouth (not on speaker) so the audio is clear. Don’t hold your breath right before you speak (so your vocal chords relax and your voice is nice and low). Smile while you record it to bring some warmth into your tone.

How do you speak in low volume?

Vary your volume level.

How do you speak in a seductive voice?

To get a grasp on how it is done, try to speak as if mimicking a man’s deep voice. Notice how speaking in this manner causes the sound to resonate in your chest cavity before coming out of your mouth. By using your diaphragm, you add warmth and body to your voice making it sound sexier.

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