Is threshold frequency the same for all metals?

Is threshold frequency the same for all metals?

Different metals have different values of work function because of difference in their electronegativity. The frequency of the photon with energy equal to work function is called threshold frequency. The value of photocurrent depends on the intensity of the falling radiation.

Why is there a threshold frequency?

Threshold frequency and work function This means it is easier to remove electrons from some metals than others. In turn, this means that the minimum frequency of photon needed to remove an electron from one metal can be lower than for another metal.

What is threshold frequency formula?

At the limiting frequency called the ” threshold frequency “, the kinetic energy of the released electron is zero. Setting KE = 0 and replacing f by fth, we get: h fth = Wo or fth = Wo / h. The above formula gives the threshold frequency, fth .

What is gold threshold frequency?

The photoelectric threshold frequency for Gold is 1-233 X 10^15 hertz.

To Find: Threshold wavelength of metal = λo =? The frequency of incident light is less than the threshold frequency. No photoelectrons will be emitted from the metal surface. Ans: The threshold frequency is 1.2 x 1015 Hz and no photoelectron will be emitted.

What is the threshold frequency of platinum?

The threshold frequency for photoelectric emission of electrons from platinum is 1.3 × 10^15 s^-1 .

Which metal has the highest threshold frequency?

At zero stopping potential the frequency of incident radiation is more to metal A. Both the metals have the same stopping potential at different frequencies and this frequency is more than metal A. So, metal A has a higher threshold frequency. Thus, metal A has high threshold frequency.

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What is the threshold frequency of calcium?

7.012×1014 Hz

What is the difference between threshold frequency and frequency?

The energy and frequency of a photon are related by: The minimum energy required to produce photo-emission of electrons is called the work function this depends on the type of metal used. The minimum frequency of light required to give the work function energy is called the threshold frequency.

What is the symbol for the energy of a photon?

In chemistry and optical engineering, photons are usually symbolized by hν, which is the photon energy, where h is Planck constant and the Greek letter ν (nu) is the photon’s frequency. Much less commonly, the photon can be symbolized by hf, where its frequency is denoted by f.

1 Answer. No, we cannot make photons travel at any value other than the speed of light. A way to think of it is like, because photons have zero rest mass that is why they can travel at the only other speed available that is less than the speed of light, that is: light speed.

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