What are the 8 states that border the Great Lakes?

What are the 8 states that border the Great Lakes?

The Great Lakes Region spans Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Coverage of New York and Pennsylvania is shared between NOAA’s Great Lakes and North Atlantic Regions.

What 5 states border the Pacific Ocean?

As the name suggests, the Pacific States include five states that have coastlines on the Pacific Ocean: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

What American states touch the Pacific Ocean?

There are three states in the contiguous United States that have coastline access to the Pacific Ocean: California, Oregon, and Washington. The state of Alaska and the island state of Hawaii make up the other two states that are part of the region called the West Coast of the United States.

What is the smallest Pacific state?


What 2 states border 8 other states?

The Answer: Tennessee and Missouri each share borders with eight states.

Which city is called Manchester of India?


Which state is famous for beaches?

Maharashtra has most number of beaches in India, Beaches in Maharashtra are paradise for beach lovers and good for water sports as well. Popular and exotic beaches of maharashtra are Juhu Beach,Ganapatipule Beach,murud janjira, bassein beach.

Which is called Switzerland of India?


Which place is called Karnataka Switzerland?

Nickname(s): Switzerland of Karnataka . Sakleshpur, Sakleshpura or Sakleshapura(ಸಕಲೇಶಪುರ) is a hill station town and headquarters of Sakleshpur taluk in Hassan district in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Which Indian city is Paris?

Tamil Nadu

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