What are the main themes in Wuthering Heights?

What are the main themes in Wuthering Heights?

Themes in Wuthering Heights

What is Heathcliff’s revenge?

Heathcliff gets his revenge on Hindley by escaping out of the moors and acquiring a mysterious fortune. He comes back to an alcoholic Hindley and wishes to “help” him out of his gambling debts. By lending Hindley money that he cannot pay back, Heathcliff in turn gets the Wuthering Heights plantation.

What is the main cause of Heathcliff revenge?

Heathcliff’s revenge in Wuthering Heights is caused by being separated from Catherine. He seeks vengeance on the two people he holds responsible for this, Hindley Earnshaw and Edgar Linton.

Why does Heathcliff give up on revenge?

Near the end of Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff explains to Nelly Dean that he gave up on revenge because he has lost the will for it. He says this is not because he has suddenly become kind or generous. He simply has begun to lose interest in life, sensing a “strange” change coming over him.

Where does Catherine move after marrying Edgar?

Thrushcross Grange

Why does Cathy marry Edgar?

In the climactic scene in which Catherine discusses with Nelly her decision to marry Edgar, Catherine describes the conflict between her love for Heathcliff and her love for Edgar. She says that she loves Edgar because he is handsome, rich, and graceful, and because he would make her the greatest lady in the region.

What chapter Edgar die?

Edgar Linton dies in chapter 28 of Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights.

Why is hareton trying to learn to read?

Why is Hareton trying to learn to read? He wants to win Cathy’s approval. Cathy and Hareton are obviously in love with each other, and Heathcliff has died.

How does Cathy die?

What made everyone in Wuthering Heights dead so young? Catherine Earnshaw dies young at the age of 19 because she is suffocated by the situation she herself created in the first place.

What lie does Edgar Linton die believing?

Fearing discovery by Heathcliff, Nelly hurries back to Thrushcross Grange. Here, she tells the dying Edgar that Catherine is safe and will soon be home. Thus Edgar sees his daughter once more before he dies, believing that his daughter is happily married to Linton, and knowing nothing about her desperate circumstances.

What would be the implications for Heathcliff of Linton dying before Edgar?

What would be the implications for Heathcliff of Linton dying before Edgar? If Linton dies before Edgar, Heathcliff does not have a solid way in to Thrushcross Grange. Linton is sickly and terrified of Heathcliff, so the reader will feel sympathy for him. All of that will dissipate after the way he speaks to Cathy.

Why does Edgar take Thrushcross Grange?

Edgar bring Linton to Thrushcross grange because Isabella asked him to come and get Linton to take him back to the Grange before she died. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What disturbing quality does Heathcliff exhibit in regards to his feelings for Hindley?


Who finally helped Cathy escape from Wuthering Heights?


Who plans to live at Thrushcross Grange at the end of the novel?

One night they wander to Thrushcross Grange, hoping to tease Edgar and Isabella Linton, the cowardly, snobbish children who live there. Catherine is bitten by a dog and is forced to stay at the Grange to recuperate for five weeks, during which time Mrs. Linton works to make her a proper young lady.

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