What are three phases of the appropriation life cycle?

What are three phases of the appropriation life cycle?

Each appropriation category has three distinct periods during its lifecycle: current period, expired period, and cancelled period. Below is a description of each period, including the timing of each period and possible uses of appropriated funds during that period.

What are OMA funds?

Congress has annually authorized the use of operation and maintenance, Army (OMA) appropriation funds to purchase investment items with a unit or system cost of up to $250,000 through appropriations acts.

What is the difference between Oma and Opa funds?

OPA is used for investments, while OMA is used for expenses. 2 states, “Investments are the costs that result in the acquisition of, or an addition to, end items. These costs benefit future periods and generally are of a long-term character such as real property and personal property.”

What is military personnel appropriation?

Pay and Allowances of Enlisted Personnel ” For the pay and allowances authorized by law to be paid to enlisted personnel of the Regular forces and enlisted members of the Reserve Components on extended active duty.

What are the major DOD Appropriations categories?

DoD receives many appropriations, most of which can be grouped into the five major categories: Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E); Procurement; Operation and Maintenance (O&M); Military Personnel (MILPERS); and Military Construction (MILCON).

What is procurement funding?

Procurement: appropriations fund those acquisition programs that have been approved for production (to include Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) of acquisition objective quantities), and all costs integral and necessary to deliver a useful end item intended for operational use or inventory upon delivery.

What is advanced procurement?

Advance Procurement (AP) (FAR 32.4, DFARS 217.1) is authority provided in an appropriations act to obligate and disburse funds during a Fiscal Year (FY) before that in which the related end item is procured. Advanced Procurement is also called Advanced Funding.

What is DOD procurement?

Military acquisition or defense acquisition is the “bureaucratic management and procurement process”, dealing with a nation’s investments in the technologies, programs, and product support necessary to achieve its national security strategy and support its armed forces.

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the ‘color of money’ refers to the different categories of budget dollars and the specific uses on which they may be spent. Under-execution of funds in one area can result in future budget cuts.

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