What does ADF mean in printers?

What does ADF mean in printers?

automatic document feeder

How does ADF scanner work?

An automatic document feeder (ADF) is a feature in printers, photocopiers, fax machines or scanners wherein a stack of paper put into the machine and is then automatically fed through it, allowing the user to print, scan or copy without having to manually place each page into the machine.

What is ADF error?

When you use the automatic document feeder (ADF) to copy, scan, or fax, the error message ‘The original has jammed or the document feeder (ADF) is dirty. To remove the original, open the ADF cover.

What does unavailable ADF mean?

Automatic Document Feeder

What is an ADF jam?

When using the automatic document feeder (ADF) to copy, scan, or fax, the error message ‘Paper Jam: The original is jammed in the automatic document feeder (ADF). Open the ADF cover, remove and reload the original, and then try again.

What is ADF door HP printer?

The ADF is made to clear paper in the direction of the output, so if you can pull paper in this direction it is preferred. Open the ADF cover and look for any paper. Every piece of paper needs to be removed, see the Figure below. . Power the printer off and on. If the message doesn’t clear, contact HP Support.

How do you remove ADF paper?

To remove small pieces of paper jammed in the ADF, release the lock on the back of the ADF, open the cover, and then remove the paper….Removing Paper Jammed in the ADF

Why does my ADF keep jamming?

If you have problems with document jams in the automatic document feeder (ADF), try these solutions: Remove your originals from the ADF. Lift the ADF cover release lever and open the ADF cover. Remove any jammed paper.

How do I open ADF scanner?

Open the ADF in the following manner:

How do I open an ADF cover?

1. Open the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) cover and if you see a jammed document pull it out to the left and press the red X on the touchscreen. 2. Close the ADF cover and you will hear the cover snap and close.

What is an ADF cover?

The error message Cover is open indicates that the top cover, the fuser cover or the ADF (automatic document feeder) cover of your Brother machine is not completely closed. Check the solution applicable for your case to clear the error on the machine’s display (hereinafter called LCD).

What does ADF mean on my Epson printer?

What do I do when my printer says paper jam but there is none?

Sometimes a paper jam error persists even though there is no jammed paper (false paper jam). Reset the printer, which might clear a false paper jam error, and then try to print again. With the printer turned on, disconnect the power cord from the printer. Unplug the power cord from the power source.

How do I clear error messages on my HP printer?

In some cases, a printer reset can clear the error message.

Why does my printer pull the paper in crooked?

One of the most common reasons for crooked paper is misconfigured cartridge alignment in the printer. Additionally, you should reinstall printer drivers or check with HP support for further clarification.

How do I clean the rollers on my HP printer?

Clean the pickup roller

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