What does agate of evolution do Dragon Quest 11?

What does agate of evolution do Dragon Quest 11?

A special stone that encourages evolution. Alchemise it! An enigmatic orb imbued with the power of progress.

Where can I find an agate of evolution in Dragon Quest 11?

Agate of Evolution

How do you farm agate of evolution?

User Info: MasterJG. Uber Agate of Evolution: trade at the academy for 5 mini medal each. Mini medals can be stolen (or dropped) from the slot machine in the first trial. They are easier to farm from the Moosifers in the Citadel of Spite.

Where is Rusty Sceptre?

you get the rust sceptre from talking to the elder in arboria after doing all the plot stuff in post game sans beating the final boss. you get the sceptre of time recipe in the luminary trial which you can access after beating only 2 trial bosses not all 4.

Where is uber agate of evolution?


Where is Dieamend in dq11?

The Dieamend can be found in the following locations:

How do you beat malicious auroral serpent?

Have your main attacker use Dragon Slash over and over as it causes tons of damage to the dragon boss, and keep their attack up as best you can. The second character, Hendrik or the hero, should keep attacking as well, but switch to healing spells if you need to.

How do you open the red doors in Dragon Quest 11?

You have to go into the mural and and defeat the boss inside after clearing out the area. After you beat the boss you will get some more story info and you will get the magic key that can open up the red doors.

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Basically what you’ll need to do is keep playing the story of Dragon Quest XI until you’ve beaten the section in Gondolia, and gotten access to the ship. After that, you can sail back up and disembark on the Emerald Coast dock, then run back up the area into Cobblestone again.

To reach her, all you need to do is simply leap over to the other roof where she’s waiting. Interact with the cat and the Amelia’s In a Pickle quest should finish shortly afterward.

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