What happened to Monday introduction?

What happened to Monday introduction?

Synopsis. In 2073, overpopulation causes a worldwide crisis, resulting in a strict one-child policy enforced by the Child Allocation Bureau. When multiple children are born to one mother, all but the eldest are put into cryosleep. Karen Settman dies when she gives birth to identical stippled sisters.

What actually happened to Monday?

What happened to all the other siblings? Monday was alive until she got shot during the press conference. Tuesday had her eye removed but is otherwise alive in custody. Sunday was killed by an agent in the apartment when the agents gained entry using Tuesday’s eye.

What happens Monday summary?

In a world where families are allowed only one child due to overpopulation, resourceful identical septuplets must avoid governmental execution and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own.

What happened to Monday overpopulation?

What Happened to Monday? not only theorizes the potential effects of overpopulation and possible solutions to control it, but also depicts what happens when individuality is suppressed in an effort to survive. The innate desire to live overshadows the Settman sisters’ need for individual identities for years.

What was the ending of what happened to Monday?

In the commotion, Monday is shot and mortally wounded by a CBA agent but it’s later revealed her twins are safely gestating in an artificial womb. The one-child policy has also been repealed and Cayman is facing the death penalty.

Did Monday die?

Monday Dies Thursday (and the audience) finally realizes that it was Monday who sold them out. Monday says she fell in love with Adrian and everything changed. Monday tells her that she was the first born and has the right to be Karen all by herself.

Where is Monday cast?


Why did Monday sell out her sisters?

I believe that Monday sold her sisters out because she fell in love and she was pregnant. It frequently is even greater when you’re talking about their very first pregnancy. Add to that the fact that she is only allowed outside one day a week and that she recently fell in love and you have a recipe for disaster.

Why is it entitled as what happened to Monday?

That isn’t what the title means. What happened to Monday is actually the literal question ” what the heck happened to her that made her do what she did? The answer to this question is, “Terrence Settman”. The girls’ grandfather is the one that oppressively taught them to hid and to live as a single life.

What happened Monday short summary?

Who survived on what happened to Monday?

CAB agents then pick off the sisters one-by-one until just Thursday, Tuesday and Monday ” who is alive and well after all ” are left. It turns out Monday was having a relationship with CAB security guard Adrian, played by Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin), and got pregnant with twins.

Who survived in the movie What Happened to Monday?

What happened to Monday Common Sense Media?

Parents need to know that What Happened to Monday? is set primarily in 2073 and focuses on an authoritarian, repressive society in which each family is allowed only one child. Noomi Rapace plays seven roles in the tale of a family of septuplets who have been hidden since their birth 30 years earlier.

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