What happens in chapter 18 of Island of the Blue Dolphins?

What happens in chapter 18 of Island of the Blue Dolphins?

In Chapter 18, Karana is enjoying spring on the island. The flowers are blooming and birds are singing in a way that she can’t help but appreciate the beauty around her. When the ugly, gray birds hatch, Karana builds the babies a cage so that they can be her companions after migration.

Why does Karana cage the baby birds in Chapter 18 of Island of the Blue Dolphins?

The pair of birds gives birth to gray babies. Karana puts them in a little birdhouse cage so that they stay with her once all the birds fly to the north later in the season.

What happened in Chapter 19 Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Chapter 19 takes place over one day. It covers the day she starts collecting red abalone, a kind of shellfish that are pretty tasty. The problem is in most abalone hunting spots there is also an abundance of starfish. Starfish also love to eat abalone.

What did Karana do as a sign of morning?

The waves washing against the walls sound like the music of a flute. When morning comes, Karana paddles straight out of the cave and names it “Black Cave.” She says that they’ll “never in all our days go there again” (20.17). Karana stashes the canoe and heads home.

Did Rontu die?

Late in the summer, Rontu dies. He whines to be let out one night, and when he does not come back, Karana goes out to look for him. She finds him in the cave where the wild dogs used to live and carries him toward home. Soon afterward, he is dead.

What does Rontu ARU look like?

Rontu. Unlike the other dogs, which have brown fur and brown eyes, Rontu has yellow eyes and gray fur (he is also much larger than the average dog of the island). Though Rontu and Karana are enemies at the beginning of the novel, they become friends after Karana injures Rontu and then nurses him back to health.

Why does Karana talk to Rontu?

Karana talks to Rontu as if here were human and could respond; Karana talks to Rontu as she says, “just as if I were sitting with one of my people.” It is important to note that Karana treats Rontu like a human companion, indicating that her loneliness might not be fully alleviated by his presence, and that she still …

Did Karana kill the devil fish?

The Devilfish and Karana’s Decision Karana says at the end of Chapter 19 that, even though she sees other devilfish near the reef that summer, she’s done killing them. This plays into Karana’s big decision later on, in Chapter 24.

Why does Karana want to kill a bull elephant seal?

Karana Worries In chapter 13, Karana has gone to the cliffs to kill a bull sea elephant to make arrows from their teeth.

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