What is one example of a symbol in the outsiders?

What is one example of a symbol in the outsiders?

In The Outsiders, sunrise and sunset are symbols of unity and connection. For example, when Ponyboy connects with Cherry at the movies on the topic of sunsets, he begins to realize that all humans are linked through the natural world.

What is an example of a simile in the book the outsiders?

“The cat was as black as the dark side of the moon” is an example of a simile. Here the blackness of the cat is compared to the color of the dark side of the moon.

What are 3 themes in the outsiders?

The Outsiders Themes

Are there any similes in the outsiders?

Some similes used are “as white as a ghost” and “like the eyes of an animal in a trap” to describe Johnny’s appearance when he sees the group of Socs. Hinton also employs the simile “like the devil was after him” to describe the way Dally fled the hospital after Johnny’s death.

What is the irony in the outsiders?

Dallas’ Gun is Unloaded when he is Shot (Dramatic Irony) The dramatic irony comes from the fact that while we the viewers know that his gun is unloaded, the cops have no idea, leading them to misjudge the situation. If the cops knew that his gun was unloaded, they likely would not have shot him.

What is a metaphor in outsiders?

Metaphors are an example of the colorful language that S.E. Hinton uses in The Outsiders to draw the reader visually into the text. Metaphors compare two things that are not alike, drawing attention to a descriptive commonality. Ponyboy also uses a metaphor when he describes Dally, saying he has ”sharp animal teeth.

Is Stay Gold a metaphor?

Nothing gold can stay. Essentially, the poem is about the transience of innocence. It illustrates this loss by using the end of springtime as a metaphor. Most people lose their innocence and youthful qualities as they grow up.

What figurative language is used in the outsiders?

The figurative language in The Outsiders is mostly metaphors and personification.

Where is a metaphor in the outsiders?

In The Outsiders, metaphors are prevalently used. In the above metaphor, Johnny compares their Greaser look with their lives in general. This metaphor speaks directly to one of the central conflicts in the novel, person versus self.

What metaphor is used to describe Johnny Cade?

Character Analysis Johnny Cade Johnny Cade is “the gang’s pet.” The novel describes Johnny as a “lost puppy” and a “puppy that has been kicked too many times.” He is only 16 years old, but has already been beaten down by the cruelty of life.

What is the theme in the outsiders?

The main theme of The Outsiders is self-identity vs. group identity. There is evidence for this theme in the title itself, as the Outsiders form their own group (the greasers) because they feel they’re on the outside of society.

What literary device is this they walked around slowly silently smiling?

“They walked around slowly silently smiling.” This is a alliteration because the Socs had caught ponyboy walking home from the movie and they were trying scare him by making those movement.

Who tells Dally to leave girls alone?

Outsiders Chapter 1-3

Why are Cherry and Marcia Alone at the Drive In?

Why were Cherry and Marcia alone at the drive-in? The girls had a fight with their boyfriends, who left. Pony was somewhat surprised that he was getting along with Cherry and Marcia.

What literary device is until the memory comes rushing back like a wave?


What literary device is the outsiders?

Lesson Summary S.E. Hinton uses a variety of literary devices to make The Outsiders an interesting read. Some of these include alliteration, foreshadowing, hyperbole, irony, personification, simile, and metaphor.

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