What is something subsistence farming did not produce?

What is something subsistence farming did not produce?

Cash crop. something that subsistence farming did not produce.

What kind of trade route had 3 destinations?

Triangular trade is a term that describes the Atlantic trade routes between three different destinations, or countries, in Colonial Times. The Triangular Trade routes, covered England, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the West Indies. The West Indies supplied slaves, sugar, molasses and fruits to the American colonies.

As a verb, conscript means “force to join,” like a military that conscripts new soldiers. In contrast, those who choose to join are recruited; when they enter the service, they enlist.

What ability helped farmers to plant and grow crops successfully in the different regions of colonial America?

The land in the Colonial America was poor and difficult to farm. The farmers had to first clear stones before they could plant and grow crops. That ability to plant and grow crops is known as agriculture. Agriculture is the art and ability of cultivating the soil, growing crops and also raising livestock.

Which of the following is the best explanation of why cotton was grown in the southern colonies?

Answer Expert Verified. New England did not grow cotton, it was mainly grown in the Southern states of Georgia and Carolina colonies. The best explanation as to why the cotton was grown in the Southern colonies is because the Southern colonies has nutrient rich dense soil and mild weather.

For what crop were slaves originally brought into the southern part of Carolina?

cotton plantations

What did the colonists use cotton for?

The cotton that was grown in the Southern colonies during the 1700s was used for the same purpose that cotton is used for today”as a material for fabric.

Many slaves did learn to read through Christian instruction, but only those whose owners allowed them to attend. They also believe slaves practiced their letters in the dirt because it was much easier to hide than writing on slates. Slaves then passed on their newly-learned skills to others.

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