What is the cost of a Glock 30S?

What is the cost of a Glock 30S?

GLOCK 30S pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A GLOCK 30S pistol is currently worth an average price of $619.46 new and $607.40 used .

How much is a Glock 30S Gen 4?

From $629.99. The Glock 30 Gen 4 in the legendary 45 ACP offers excellent out-of-the-box precision paired with the ballistic quality of this genuine big-bore caliber. Its design combines a shorter trigger reach with maximum capacity.

How much is a Glock 30 45 caliber worth?


What is the difference between a Glock 30S and 30SF?

Glock 30S is basically a 30 with a 36 slide. 30SF is the “short frame” or reduced grip area version.

How many rounds does the Glock 30S hold?

The Glock 30 is the down-sized version of the Glock 21. With a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, the Glock 30 gives you a total of 11 rounds of .

What is the difference between Glock 30 and 30S?

Overall width is the same. The slide is thinner on the 30S, but the widest part is the frame and they are the same width for both. I went with the 30 because the extra weight in the slide makes the recoil more managable and followup shots quicker. The 30s is 4oz lighter.

Do they still make GLOCK 30?

The Glock 30 Lineage The basic Glock 30 is now in its fourth generation of upgrades and enhancements, and has three variants: Glock 30 Gen4 ” Glock took the Glock 29, which was originally chambered for 10mm, and created the Glock 30 chambered in . 45 ACP. The Glock 21 and Glock 30 share the same magazine.

What does the S stand for in Glock 30S?

The GLOCK 30S pistol successfully combines a short frame (SF) with reduced grip size and a slimmer slide (S), with the powerful 45 Auto round.

Is GLOCK 30 better than 36?

Registered. BIG difference between the two. The G30 is much smoother and with considerable less felt recoil than the 36.

How long is GLOCK 36?


What generation is a GLOCK 36?

The Glock 36 is only available as a Gen 3. It doesn’t have the rails, but it does have the finger grooves that were introduced on the Gen 3. While the Glock 42, features the larger style mag release and a Gen 4 style grip texture, I don’t know if a Generation even applies with it.

What year did the Glock 30S come out?

GLOCK officially introduced the 30S in 2013, but it has existed much longer. The original versions of this pistol were cobbled together by GLOCK enthusiasts who would put the slide from a GLOCK 36 (a single-stack . 45 ACP) onto the frame of a GLOCK 30 (a double stack .

Is a Glock 30 double action?

The Glock is neither a single or a double action pistol. The Glock is neither a single or a double action pistol. In a single action pistol a the hammer or striker of the pistol is cocked manually for the first shot and then automatically by the movement of the pistols slide or bolt for subsequent shots.

What generation is the best Glock?

In short: If you’re looking for a solid self-defense firearm, or just to have a good, reliable handgun to shoot on the weekends, go for the Glock 19 Gen4. You won’t be disappointed.

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