What is the current in a 100w bulb connected to a 120v source?

What is the current in a 100w bulb connected to a 120v source?

0.833 amperes

What is the current in a 60w bulb connected to a 120v source?

The 120-Watt bulb has the lower resistance; and using Ohm’s law, one would expect it also has the higher current. In fact, the 120-Watt bulb would have a current of 1 Amp and a resistance of 120 Ω; the 60-Watt bulb would have a current of 0.5 Amp and a resistance of 240 Ω.

Do all LEDs use the same voltage?

All LEDs. A light-emitting diode, or LED, is an energy-efficient light source. “It’s usually between 2 and 3 volts and it depends on the color and type of LED”, says MIT Electrical Engineer grad, Luz Rivas. Luz said that you need to look it up the voltage to know for sure.

Does voltage matter with LED lights?

The LED voltage VL is determined by the colour of the LED. Red LEDs have the lowest voltage, yellow and green are a little higher. Blue and white LEDs have the highest voltages. For most purposes the exact value is not critical and you can use 2V for red, yellow and green, or 4V for blue and white LEDs.

How can voltage drop affect an LED lighting system? The importance of voltage drop for LED based lighting is that an LED requires a minimum amount of current to properly light. Less than the minimum current can cause an LED to flicker, operate less brightly, or shift in the color.

How do you fix LED voltage drop?

To prevent voltage drop: Divide long runs of LED strip lights into shorter strips, then connect additional “Parallel” wires from the power supply to each new LED strip.

Can you use thermostat wire for LED lights?

With LED lighting I just use thermostat wire. Never had a problem.

What size wire for LED can lights?

Here’s some basic facts you should consider when installing recessed lights: Most lighting circuits in homes are either 15 or 20 amps. 15 amp circuits are the most common. 20 amp circuits require 12 gauge wire; 15 amps circuits allow for less expensive 14 gauge wire.

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