What is the possessive of James?

What is the possessive of James?

To form the possessive of a noun that ends in S, AP style has separate rules for proper names and generic nouns. For proper names like James, AP says, add an apostrophe only: He borrowed James’ car. For generics like boss, add an apostrophe plus S: He borrowed the boss’s car.

Do you say James or James’s?

Commentary: both James’ birthday and James’s birthday are grammatically correct. Remember: it’s up to you! Use the version which best matches how you would pronounce it. Use James’s if you pronounce it “Jamesiz”, but use James’ if you pronounce it “James”.

What is the plural of Brooks?

Answer. The plural form of brook is brooks.

How do you say James in Gaelic?

Seumas Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [ˈʃeːməs] is a masculine given name in Scottish Gaelic and Scots, equivalent to the English James….Seumas.

Is James a French name?

Etymology. It is a modern descendant, through Old French James, of Vulgar Latin Iacomus (cf. Italian Giacomo, Portuguese Jaime, Spanish Tiago), a derivative version of Latin Iacobus, Latin form of the Hebrew name Jacob. James is a very popular name in English-speaking populations.

How do you say yes nicely?

Polite Ways to Say Yes in English

What is another word for it’s ok?

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