What is the rocker box on a Harley Davidson?

What is the rocker box on a Harley Davidson?

On a Harley, the rocker box is the enclosure that sits on top of the valve head. It is literally the box the rocker arms and rocker shafts live in. That’s it.

How do I remove a Harley Davidson pushrod?

Part 1 of 2: Quick and Easy Harley Pushrod Removal

What are rocker lockers?

Rocker lockers keep the shaft from rotating and hitting the Rocker Support Plate bolts. If you ever need to remove the lockers, just use a punch and tap them out, they are usually reusable.

Do rocker lockers work?

Note: Rocker Lockers will not cure noisy lifters, noisy chains, gears, tensioners or bearings. Rocker lockers keep the shaft from rotating and hitting the inner rocker bolts.

How do you install a rocker locker?

Insert the Rocker Locker in the hole; they are tapered, put the small end in the hole. Insert the bolt, if there are not enough threads going into the head, (at least a quart of an inch+) then pull the bolt out and insert a rocker cover bolt and gently tap it down a quarter inch or so.

How do you remove a twin cam pushrod?

Pulling your stock pushrods out the top is relatively simple if you’re at all mechanically inclined. Pull the tank, pull the rocker box covers and it’s all right there. Clean/replace your breathers while you’re in there. Use a torque wrench when putting it back together, per your service manual….

How do you adjust a Harley Davidson pushrod?

Bring Cam to Base circle for the tappets you wish to adjust. Rotate the engine. Watch the intake valve open (pushrod goes up) and then close (pushrod goes down). Continue rotating slowly until the cylinder’s piston reaches top dead center (TDC).

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How do you check the timing on a Harley Davidson?

Once the valve opens and closes, start watching for a vertical line on the flywheel through the timing hole. Stop the rotation when the mark is centered in the hole. Rotate the engine in the normal direction of rotation and never back the engine up. If you pass up the right spot then you have to go around again.

Get on the left side of the engine and peer in the spark plug hole as you slowly rotate the rear wheel until you can see the piston just below the spark plug hole. Peer in the timing mark hole and lightly fine tune the engine position until the timing mark is right in the middle of the hole.

Connect the positive terminal of an inductive timing light to the positive battery terminal of the motorcycle. Connect the negative terminal of the timing light to the negative terminal of the battery. Connect the inductive pickup probe of the timing light to the front cylinder spark plug wire.

How do you set the timing on an Ironhead?

The advance timing mark is used to set the timing to the factory setting, such as 40`. Best is to use a dial back timing light to check or set timing. Remove spark plugs. Rear wheel off the ground, shift to 2nd gear, rotate wheel until it clicks, repeat until you get to top gear.

What is an Ironhead Sportster?

The ironhead was a Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine, so named because of the composition of the cylinder heads (Iron instead of Aluminium). It was produced from 1957 until 1985 and was replaced by the Evolution engine in 1986. This name was applied to the Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycles that used this engine.

How do you set Ironhead points?

You want the points follower(the part of the points that rides on the cam) to be on the center of the rear cylinder lobe (the wide one). Loosen the screw securing the points to the point plate. Use a screwdriver to adjust the point gap (you will see the slot in the points plate and the case behind it).

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How do you time a magneto Ironhead?

TIMING: The ignition is timed in the advanced position to occur when the front cylinder piston is 11/16 inches (or 45 degrees) before top dead center. Timing should be routinely checked once a year or whenever points are replaced. Timing is adjusted by rotating the magneto housing after loosening the mounting bolts.

What degree is Harley engine?

The classic Harley-Davidson engines are two- cylinder, V-twin engines with the pistons placed at a 45 degree angle. The crankshaft has a single pin, and both pistons are connected to this pin through their connecting rods. This design causes the pistons to fire at uneven intervals.

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