What is there to do in Persona 5 on a rainy day?

What is there to do in Persona 5 on a rainy day?

Rain /Storms Some Social Stat boosting activities will get a boost, including additional Charm for using the Yongen-Jaya Bathhouse (+3 instead of +2). Studying in the Shibuya Diner and Leblanc during the rain will also provide an extra +1 Knowledge. Increases encounter rate for rare enemies, including Treasure Demons.

What does flu season do Persona 5?

You see, during flu season, all the monsters in Mementos (an ever-present dungeon you can visit whenever you want) have a chance of getting afflicted with the status ailment: Despair. Despair drains enemies of their will to fight, and will automatically kill them after three turns.

How can I improve my guts P5R?

Guts Increasing your Guts can be achieved by visiting Tae Takami and participating in her medical trials, by ordering coffee at the Shibuya Diner, or taking part in the Big Bang Burger Bar challenge after the 6th of May.

What is wunderkind p5?

Next, the “kind” part. That’s probably… Child. So a “wunderkind” would be… A prodigy.

Can you max all confidants in Persona 5 Royal?

You can still max out all Confidants without Luck Reading, but it makes things go a lot faster. Every day you can bring up your map to see if a Confidant is available on a specific day. This is great for Confidants who haven’t contacted you in a while but are still waiting to meet with you.

Can you farm the reaper persona 5 Royal?

Unfortunately, there’s no set way to reliably farm and kill the reaper as players could during the flu season in November and December in the original Persona 5 game. Royal prevents players from taking it out during this time after three turns.

What level should I be Persona 5?

I’d recommend a party that’s at least around Level 63″65, but I had a fairly powerful Persona for my main character(a level 72+ Mara), as a result of finishing the Strength Confidant and shelling out the money to fuse a higher-level Persona, so that made things significantly easier.

Do sees armband stack?

SEES Armband (Money Boost) does not stack. It also does not work on inactive members or Futaba. Team Glasses (+15% EXP) does not stack either, it’s effect only applies on the character that has it equipped.

Does money boost work on Futaba?

Money Boost does not stack. It still activates if you equip it on Futaba though. I have the XP boost on each character.

What level should I be to fight Okumura?

If you’re playing on Hard I’d suggest 45 to give yourself some leeway. I think the general recommended level was 10 per palace. I’m playing on normal actually. I’ll probably grind to 43 and then try the fight.

What level should you be to fight maruki?

Maruki can be leveled from rank 2 to 5 soon after meeting him. His later ranks, 5-10, will be locked until September 20. You’ll need to level up Maruki to rank 9 prior to November 18. If you can do that, he’ll automatically hit rank 10 on November 18.

Does Persona 5 end after Shido?

Shido’s Palace can be finished in one day, and there are no timeskips after taking the treasure. The final day to do Confidants and Mementos sidequests is 12/22. 12/23 is a plot day, and 12/24 is the endgame. Once you’re in the endgame, you can shop, but that’s all.

Does Goro akechi die?

Akechi later sacrifices himself to save the Phantom Thieves when he learns that Shido had planned on having him killed after the election.

Can you still do confidants after Shido?

After finishing with shido you have until 12/23 to do confidants.

Can you hang out with confidants after Shido Palace?

Besides cutscenes and things, I know it’s the last active day but is there a final dungeon after Shido or is that the end? You can max and work on confidants after sending the calling card.

What level should I be for the final boss Persona 5?

If you managed to get this far, you are on your way to the True Ending for Persona 5. This boss has many forms, and you will want to be around Level 70 to take it on without major issues.

How much HP does Shido have?


Is Shido Akechis dad?

We know that Akechi’s Dad is Shido, and that Futaba’s Mum was Wakaba. Akechi and Futaba are actually very similar, they are both intelligent and curious and have strong senses of right and wrong (a bit skewed in Akechi’s case) The only major difference is that Akechi is more extroverted and Futaba is super introverted.

Does Shido know akechi is his son?

Shido knew about Goro’s plan: he knew that he was his son, that he wanted to be acknowledged, and that he wanted to trap him. He literally knew everything and used praise to his benefit. Akechi never suspected a single thing about that.

Is Shido Futaba’s father?

Shido is Futaba’s father confirmeD ” Persona 5.

Does Futaba Sakura have autism?

While she is not explicitly autistic, social media websites like tumblr tend to interpret Futaba as having the condition. This is somewhat supported by the performance given by her English actress Erica Lindbeck, who has stated that she tried to portray Futaba as if she were on the spectrum.

Did akechi kill Okumura?

When his Treasure is stolen, he attempts to reveal the identity of the head of the conspiracy that are behind the mental shutdowns, but the Thieves are forced to retreat because of the tight time limit. When the Shadow Self is left alone, Goro Akechi shoots and kills it.

How did Futaba’s mom die?

User Info: NextGenCowboy. So, Futaba’s mom got killed because her shadow got killed.

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