Who does Ann Putnam accuse of killing her babies?

Who does Ann Putnam accuse of killing her babies?

Sarah Osborne

What does Mrs Putnam blame on witchcraft?

Putnam declares that witchcraft is to blame for the loss of his seven infant children, and Mrs. Putnam becomes hostile to Rebecca. She is suspicious because Rebecca has not lost any of her children. Proctor criticizes Parris for preaching about money rather than God.

Who was jealous of Rebecca Nurse?

Goody Putnam

Why does Putnam resent Rebecca Why does Mrs Putnam feel jealous of her?

She especially blames Goody Nurse who is the midwife of the community because Goody Nurse has not had any children die. Ann Putnam is jealous of Rebecca Nurse and instantly uses her as a scapegoat to explain why she has lost so many children. Ann Putnam fell victim to superstition to explain her bad luck.

Why do many of the accused admit to witchcraft?

Why do many of the accused admit to witchcraft? By admitting to witchcraft they guarantee that they will not be executed. By admitting to witchcraft they can accuse others of the same crime. They are forced to admitting to witchcraft under duress and torture.

What can you conclude from the references made to Andover?

What can you conclude from the references made to Andover? Andover has been purged of all witches. The people of Andover are demanding new trials. There will be many more deaths in Andover.

Why does Hale want John to confess?

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Reverend Hale wants John to confess because he believes that “life is God’s most precious gift; no principle, however glorious, may justify the taking of it.” He feels that God will damn a liar “less than he that throws his life away for pride.” Hale thinks that John’s life is too big a price to pay to protect his …

What does John do with his confession?

As John says himself, he’s already given the authorities his soul, what he won’t do is give them his good name. If he signs the confession and it’s nailed to the church door where everyone can see it, then that reputation will be destroyed for good.

What does Elizabeth mean when she says, “he has his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him?” John finally feels that he has made up for his past sins when he decides to die for what is right. She isn’t going to stop him if he thinks it is the right thing to do.

What does Elizabeth ask John to forgive her for? John wanted to show that it was false. The act of tearing it up the warrant parallels his own tearing of his confession. These actions touch on the theme of hypocrisy, and lies and deceit.

What sin does Elizabeth confess to John?


Did Elizabeth confess to witchcraft?

Elizabeth then makes a confession of her own: she was suspicious of John and Abigail, but she did not confront him. Consequently, she holds herself responsible for John being caught up in the witchcraft hysteria in Salem.

Is Elizabeth really pregnant in the crucible?

Yes, Elizabeth likely is actually pregnant in The Crucible. Though Judge Danforth expresses some skepticism, Elizabeth is shown to be an honest and moral woman, which makes it unlikely that she’s lying. In real life, Elizabeth Proctor was really pregnant during the Salem witch trials.

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What happens to Elizabeth at the end of Act 2?

They find a needle in the doll Mary gave Elizabeth that corresponds to the needle that Elizabeth’s familiar spirit supposedly used to stab Abigail. Elizabeth goes with them peacefully after realizing she can’t prove her innocence. John angrily insists that Mary must tell the court Abigail is lying.

Why did Hale quit the court?

At the end of Act 3, Reverend Hale quits the court in Salem out of frustration because he sees that irrationality and hysteria have taken over the proceedings. However, in Act 4, we learn that he has returned to Salem to speak with the prisoners and convince them to confess.

Did Elizabeth Proctor get hung?

On August 5, both Elizabeth and John Proctor were found guilty and sentenced to death. Since Elizabeth was pregnant at the time of her conviction, her execution was postponed until after she gave birth. John Proctor pleaded for more time as well, claiming he was too ill for the execution, but was hanged on August 19th.

What happened to Elizabeth Proctor’s baby?

Elizabeth Proctor’s children Abigail and William disappear from the historical record after 1695. It was not until April of 1697, after her farm had burned, that Elizabeth Proctor’s dowry was restored to her for her use by a probate court, on a petition she filed in June 1696.

Is Elizabeth Proctor a good person?

She is a wiser and better person at the end of the play, though she ends the play even sadder than at the beginning, because she becomes a widow. Elizabeth’s character represents the idea of goodness, and the way a person who thinks herself to be good (and is, in fact, overall a good person) can still have fatal flaws.

What does Abigail think of Elizabeth Proctor?

Abigail says that Elizabeth Proctor hates her and is a “lying, cold, sniveling woman.” Abigail also blames Elizabeth for firing her, even though she was having an affair with Elizabeth’s husband at the time.

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