Who is Maria in Sonic the Hedgehog?

Who is Maria in Sonic the Hedgehog?

Maria Robotnik was the female companion of Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog, the cousin of Dr. Eggman and granddaughter of Gerald Robotnik. She was the main reason for Shadow’s creation: find a cure for her NIDS disease.

How did Maria from Sonic the Hedgehog die?

Sadly, Maria was killed by delusional soldiers after releasing Shadow from a cryogenic tube in the Japanese version. However, in the English dub, they say she was taken away. She was dead for 50 years and she sometime reappears in Shadow’s mind.

How old is Maria Sonic the Hedgehog?

about twelve years old

Is Maria Robotnik’s daughter?

Maria Robotnik was the granddaughter of Professor Gerald Robotnik and cousin to Dr. Eggman. Maria had a rare but terminal disease called Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. In order to save her life, Professor Gerald agreed to the current President’s proposal to create immortality and took Maria to the Space Colony ARK.

What disease does Maria have?

As she was taking care of her mother, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2016, she began noticing her own troubling symptoms. An MRI early last year revealed a golf-ball size tumor pressing on her trigeminal nerve, which provides sensation to the face and controls some of its muscles.

What illness did Maria Robotnik have?

She is the granddaughter of Professor Gerald Robotnik, and is the cousin of Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. Maria suffers from the illness known as “NIDS” (Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome), which was incurable at the time.

Is Maria older than Eggman?

In Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog, we learn about Shadow’s deceased best friend and sister figure Maria Robotnik. She’s the older cousin of Eggman ” Dr. Ivo Robotnik ” and died over 50 years ago in a government sanctioned massacre.

Is Maria Shadow’s sister?

In this media, much like in the games, she was a human from earth, and the granddaughter of Gerald Robotnik and cousin of Dr. Eggman. Like in the games, Maria was a terminally ill patient confined to the Space Colony ARK. During her stay on the ARK, Maria became very close to Shadow.

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