Who is Reeve in the face on the milk carton?

Who is Reeve in the face on the milk carton?

Character profile for Reeve Shields from The Face on the Milk Carton (Janie Johnson, #1) (page 1)

What is the conflict in the face on the milk carton?

The internal conflict in the story is when Janie is having to decide where to keep the secret from her friends and family or to tell them that she’s the missing child on the milk carton and that she has proof.

What does Janie from The Face on the Milk Carton look like?

Janie is a fifteen-year-old girl with wild, red curly hair. She is shy, lactose intolerant, less talkative than her parents, and wishes she were named Jayne Johnstone. Janie has never had a boyfriend and feels younger than most of her friends who are the same age.

What is the plot of The Face on the Milk Carton?

When a teenage girls named Janie Jessman sees herself on a milk carton under the heading ‘Missing Child,’ her life changes drastically. She tries to keep her suspicions from her parents, partially for her safety and partially for theirs. When she falls in love with her neighbor, Reeve, she tells him everything.

Why is The Face on the Milk Carton a banned book?

Why is this book been challenged and banned? This book has been challenged because of the sexual content, challenge to authority, inappropriate for age group and psychological theories of crime.

Is The Face on the Milk Carton a true story?

Bonnie Lohman was 7 when she saw a ‘Missing Person’ ad on a milk carton. The picture was of her. Bonnie Lohman was seven years old when she found herself staring at a milk carton in her local grocery store. In an act of profound hubris, her father actually bought her the milk carton.

How old is Bonnie Lohman?


Who is Bonnie Lohman?

Bonnie Lohman was abducted from her father by her mother and stepfather. Since she was not taken by a stranger, her case was not a typical abduction case. Bonnie was abducted at the age of three. She lived in Spain as well as Hawaii with her mother and stepdad.

What age is the face on the milk carton for?

The Face on the Milk Carton, similarly to many of Cooney’s novels, is a young adult mystery and suspense novel. The recommended age range is 12 and up.

What grade level is the face on the milk carton?

The Face on the Milk Carton

Was Janie kidnapped in the face on the milk carton?

In The Face on the Milk Carton, 15-year-old Janie Johnson made the shocking discovery that she’d been kidnapped at age 3. The beloved couple she’d thought were her parents had secretly believed Janie was their granddaughter. Their daughter, Hannah, had run away and joined a cult.

Is there a sequel to The Face on the Milk Carton?

Whatever Happened to Janie?

Does Janie end up with Reeve?

Reeve takes Janie back to the airport two days later and proposes to her. The weekend together has helped them realize how in love they are and that they don’t want to be apart. They plan to marry in July, only six weeks away.

How many Face on the Milk Carton books are there?

6 Titles

What books are in the Face on the Milk Carton Series?

The Face on the Milk Carton1990

Why was Janie kidnapped?

Janie Face To Face She goes back to Reeve, who proposes marriage, and she accepts. Meanwhile, Hannah, the kidnapper, wants revenge: the girl she kidnapped was having a better life than the one she was living herself.

Who is Janie Johnson?

Meet Janie Johnson, a Texas cowgirl raised on ranching and rodeo ” who now enjoys life as a barrel racer and western sports reporter. Growing up on ranch in Canyon, Texas, as the daughter of a saddle bronc rider and a cutting horse competitor, Janie is a cowgirl through and through.

What happened to Jamie book?

When the Euterpe sinks en route to America, however, Lord John and Claire back in the States believe Jamie to be drowned at sea. A British captain intends to now arrest Claire as a spy, so she marries Lord John for protection.

Does Jamie Fraser die in the books?

Fans of the Outlander novels know Jamie does not die but after the ship he is on to return from Scotland to North America goes down, it is believed he is lost at sea and presumed dead. Claire is distraught as she is given the heartbreaking news before she is arrested for being a spy.

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