Why did Leslie die in Bridge to Terabithia?

Why did Leslie die in Bridge to Terabithia?

In Bridge To Terabithia, the female protagonist, Leslie Burke, dies when the rope she and Jesse used to swing across the river snaps, causing her to fall and hit her head and passing out, resulting in her drowning.

How does Jess react to Leslie’s death?

In Bridge to Terabithia, Jess reacts to the news of Leslie’s death by being in denial. When his father tells him about the tragic event, Jess accuses him of lying. He also tells May Belle that it’s a lie. He does this because he knows that she believes that Leslie will go to hell, as she’s not a Christian.

On what page does Leslie die?

While readers learn of Leslie’s death in Chapter 10 of ‘Bridge to Terabithia’, Chapter 11 deals with the fallout of this tragedy. We’ll see how her best friend ” Jesse ” deals with it, and how certain members of his family are there to support him.

Did Leslie Burke commit suicide?

In the movie, Leslie’s death is in the air, and in the musical score, the minute she spots the rope and rushes for it. She sees it hanging from a branch high above the creek bed, climbs onto a stump for a better perch to swing from, and soars out over the water.

Why did Jess mother yell May Belle?

In particular, he wants to assure May Belle that it is a lie, for he sees her looking terrified and knows she is remembering that Leslie was not a Christian and is therefore, to her understanding, going to hell. He shouts at May Belle that it is a lie and then runs out of the house.

Why does Brenda get upset with Jess for eating so many pancakes?

Why does Brenda get upset with Jess for eating so many pancakes? Answer: Brenda seems to feel that Jess is acting like Leslie is not dead. 4. Answer: She is moved because it reminds her of her husband’s death.

What is May Belle worried will happen if Leslie dies?

May Belle tells Leslie that she has to believe the things in the Bible”if not, God will damn her to hell when she dies. Leslie laughs May Belle off, but May Belle is insistent”she’s worried what will happen to Leslie, a nonbeliever, when she dies.

What did Jess do on his first visit to Terabithia after Leslie died?

When Jess goes to Terabithia alone for the first time after Leslie’s death, he finds that the creek has fallen well below the level at which it had been the last time he saw it.

What happened to Jess’ dad right before Easter? He changed his attitude. He decided to work less. He was laid off from his job.

A few days later, Leslie comes out to recess and tells Jess that she has heard Janice Avery crying in the bathroom”she can tell it was Janice because the name Willard Hughes was written (and crossed out) on the girl’s sneakers.

What does Leslie call her father that confuses Jess?

The Burke house, though, is strange to Jess. Leslie’s parents insist that he call them “Bill” and “Judy,” which is a strain for him. They are extremely well educated and intellectual.

Why did Jess’s mother hesitate about taking Leslie to church?

Why did Jess’s mother hesitate about taking Leslie to church? Jess’s mother was afraid that Leslie wouldn’t wear a dress. She was also afraid that Leslie would turn her nose up at the family. Her main concern was she wanted her family to have new clothes for church on Easter Sunday.

Why did Leslie ask Jess to pray with her?

Why did Leslie ask to pray with her? She has a promotion of her future death. She is worried about her grandmother’s health. She thinks evil spirits are causing bad weather.

Why did Ellie and Brenda refuse to go to church?

Why were Ellie and Brenda refusing to go to church? They would not have any new clothes to wear. They did not want to be seen with the rest of the family. They were upset because they had gained so much weight.

Why does Jess choose Terabithia with May Belle?

Jess likes May Belle because she is the one sister that worships the ground that he walks upon. May Belle absolutely adores Jess, and she thinks everything he does is super cool. Jess is annoyed by her constant desire to hang out with him; however, he also enjoys the feeling of hero worship that he gets from May Belle.

Why is May Belle upset after going to church?

Why is May Belle upset after going to church? She is afraid Leslie won’t go to Heaven. She wanted to go to Sunday school, but it was over. Jess said she was “too nosy.”

What does Jess do with May Belle at the end of the story?

Jess’s rescue of May Belle serves a double function. In one way it seems to be a recreation of Leslie’s death, only with a different ending. May Belle could easily have slipped and drowned, and it would all have taken place again, but here Jess saves her life.

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