Will a Dodge 318 transmission fit a 360?

Will a Dodge 318 transmission fit a 360?

It will fit no problem. The 318 is an internally balanced engine verses the 360 being an external balanced engine. Both engines will have a 727 Torque Flight transmission.

What’s the difference between a Dodge 318 and 360?

The 360 also has a longer stroke. This is why it produces more torque and is better suited for towing. The 318 has a smaller combustion chamber and higher compression which better for fuel economy.

What does a 46re transmission fit?

What vehicles have 46re transmission? Dodge Ramcharger SUV 1988-1993 5.2L & 5.9L V8. Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993 5.2L, 1998 5.9L. 1998″2003 Dodge Dakota R/T.

How can I tell if I have a 46RE?

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS The identification plate is attached to the right side of the transmission case. The 42RE/44RE/46RE is a 4-speed fully automatic transmission with electronic governor. The ID numbers are stamped on the case’s left side just above the oil pan.

What does 46RE mean?

The A518, later renamed 46RH (hydraulic controlled governor pressure) and 46RE (electronic controlled governor pressure), is an A727 derivative with overdrive, in the A500 ilk. Starting in 1990, it was used in some trucks and vans. The overdrive fourth gear ratio is 0.69:1.

How do I find out what Transmission my Dodge Ram has?

Look inside the truck cab on the driver’s side to see if there is a clutch pedal. If there is a clutch pedal, this means that the Dodge Ram has a manual transmission. If there is no clutch pedal, then the truck has an automatic transmission.

47RE has a different color pump. Pump is unpainted on the 47RE, and the 48RE have a black coating on them IIRC. Also the 48RE has a plastic ring on the reaction shaft support.

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The easiest way to tell the difference is the plug where wires plug into trans coming from PCM. The RH has a 4 pin not quite flat like a trailer connector and the RE has a round 8 pin plug. The RH uses an external fluid temp sensor while the RE has a thermistor inside of the governer pressure sensor.

Are 47RE and 47RH interchangeable?

The difference between the transmissions is the governor. A 47RH governor will not fit in a 47RE transmission so even if you can swap the VB the transmission won’t shift.

What years did dodge use the 47RE?

47RE: An electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission found in ’96 to ’02 Dodge trucks, as well as some ’03 models.

What transmission is in a 99 Cummins?

BD Performance 47RE Transmission

What transmission will fit a 5.9 Cummins?

ATS Diesel Performance is now offering a complete kit so that our Allison 6 Speed Automatic transmission can be installed behind the Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L Engine.

What transmission is in 2002 Dodge Cummins?

Dodge Cummins ” 1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins ” Transmission ” 47RE.

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