Are Greg Bennett guitars any good?

Are Greg Bennett guitars any good?

So if you are looking for a good, solid, dependable, great sounding & playing new guitar for a low price, I would not hesitate to recommend the Greg Bennett guitars. I would not hesitate to recommend these guitars to anyone looking for a good buy on a great low priced guitar.

What happened to Greg Bennett guitars?

Whatever happened to the Samick ” Greg Bennett guitars? Looks like only the acoustics are on the site anymore. Everything else is in “the vault”, meaning “out of production”. For those who don’t know, Greg Bennett guitars were one of the best kept secrets for people wanting a quality instrument on a budget.

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Who is Greg Bennett Samick?

For over 40 years, Samick has manufactured products for the leading brand names in the guitar business. We called on Greg Bennett, an industry marketing and design veteran of over 30 years. …

Does Samick own Steinway?

In late 2009, Samick acquired a 16.5% share of Steinway Musical Instruments. By November 2010, Samick’s share in Steinway Musical Instruments increased to 32%. In 2013, John Paulson outbid Samick when Steinway and Sons was taken private.

Who owns Samick?

Samick also operates its own research and development facility in Korea. Since the late 1990s, the company had been operating under bankruptcy protection and was acquired by a consortium led by Korean construction company Speco in November 2002.

Does Samick make Epiphone?

Samick became the near-exclusive manufacturer of Epiphones (save for a few special models) until the mid-1990s, when Epiphone began contracting out to a number of different manufacturers. However, Samick was kept on as a contractor and still builds Epiphones to this day, only at their newer Indonesian factory.

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The company was able to rid themselves of non-profitable business ventures and most of its debt, to the point that they were able to begin reporting profits. In 2002, a consortium of Korean businessmen acquired Samick and retired all of its debt.

Where are Hondo guitars made?

Hondo the brand began their guitar manufacturing operations in Korea. There’s tons of people out there wondering how is it possible that their Hondo is a MIK one, the Wikipedia says that production shifted to Korea only by 1983.

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