Are SoBe drinks good for you?

Are SoBe drinks good for you?

Fruit-Flavored Drinks”SoBe Elixirs These fruit-flavored beverages are loaded up with sugar and not the natural sugar you would find in actual fruit or a fresh-squeezed juice. The big culprit here is all the added sugar. And SoBe drinks are some of the scariest options out there!

Does SoBe water have artificial sweetener?

Stevia-sweetened Drink Is Available in Three Novel Flavors Purchase, N.Y. -based PepsiCo rolls out calorie-free SoBe Lifewater, featuring the natural sweetener PureVia. This is another of the new, zero-calorie sweeteners made from the stevia plant, which just received an FDA letter of non-objection in December.

Does LifeWater have sugar in it?

The SoBe LifeWater base formulation is naturally sweetened with sugar; contains No HFCS and has only 100-Calories per-bottle. So, choose your refreshment: 100-Calorie per-bottle SoBe LifeWater Base flavors OR SoBe LifeWater 0-Calorie flavors.

Is SoBe Life Water discontinued?

While SoBeWater hasn’t been discontinued, local availability of our products can vary. Check to see what’s sold near you. For any further questions, please contact our SoBe team at

Does Walmart carry SoBe water?

SoBe Life Water Yumberry Pomegranate Beverage, 20 Fl. Oz., 6 Count ” ”

Is Sobe a water?

Sobe water is a nutrient enhanced hydration beverage that is delicious, low in calories and naturally sweetened with sugar. With its unique flavor combinations, sobe water is naturally refreshing….

Does Sobe water have caffeine?

A 20 fl oz bottle has a total of 81 mg of caffeine.

What is Sobe Life Water zero calorie?

Filtered Water, Erythritol, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Fumaric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Calcium Lactate, Reb A (Purified Stevia Extract), Natural Flavor, Potassium Citrate, Black Carrot Juice Concentrate (color), Purple Sweet Potato Juice (color), Vitamin E Acetate, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) …

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The new zero-calorie SoBe Lifewater flavors are sweetened with the all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener, PureVia, made from a highly pure extract of the Stevia plant leaf and are infused with a unique mix of antioxidant vitamins C & E, essential B vitamins and herbal ingredients.

Sobe Lifewater with electrolytes is infused with vitamins and made with PureVia for zero calories per serving and is available in two varieties: Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade and Macintosh Apple Cherry. The product contains 80 mg.

Does SoBe Lifewater have calories?

SoBe Lifewater is a 0 calorie beverage with vitamins that comes in refreshing, deliciously bold flavor combinations.

Is SoBe an alcohol?

SoBe (stylized as SoBe) is an American brand of teas, fruit-juice blends and enhanced water beverages owned by PepsiCo. The name SoBe is an abbreviation of South Beach, named after the upscale area located in Miami Beach, Florida….SoBe Mr. Green.

Is SoBe Yumberry Pomegranate Sugar Free?

It’s sugar and aspartame free.

How many calories are in lifewater?

Refreshing and delicious flavor combinations and 0 calories per serving?

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