Are the jellyfish bad in Gulf Shores?

Are the jellyfish bad in Gulf Shores?

Most beach goers have experienced a jellyfish sting at one time or another. The stings of jellyfish native to the Alabama Coast are rarely life threatening and there are as many as sixty different kinds of jellyfish found in the area.

Are there a lot of jellyfish at Orange Beach?

ORANGE BEACH, Ala (WPMI) ” The sight of jellyfish has kept many people from going in the water. Jellyfish invasions typically happen in early July, however the tides and the temperature are what drive the jellyfish to shore. Today in Orange Beach at the pass the jellyfish were visible.

Why is there a purple flag at Gulf Shores?

Purple flags are for the presence of jellyfish. For your safety we ask that you stay on the shore. This includes Orange Beach, Perdido Key, Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan. The Gulf temperature is 83 degrees and surf conditions are choppy with 2 to 4 foot waves and west running currents.

Can you drink at Gulf Shores beach?

No alcoholic beverages. No tents / canopies larger than 7’x7’x4′ unless they are placed in a designated tent area. No fishing at Gulf Place. No tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Gulf Shores is located in southern Alabama. Much of Gulf Shores is inland near the gulf, but not beside it. The beach in Gulf Shores is whiter than those on the Atlantic Ocean, and the water has a slightly greenish hue. …

Are there alligators in Gulf Shores Alabama?

Not long ago it was a rarity to see American alligators lurking beneath the waters along the Gulf Coast, but now this once-endangered species has made a triumphant return with a booming population. There’s a pretty good bet you will see one, or two, or more in the waters around Mobile.

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Are there sharks in Gulf Shores Bay?

OCEARCH has recently pinged 2 great white sharks and 1 tiger shark just south of Gulf Shores. They aren’t dangerously close based on their ping locations, but the three of them are only 20-40 miles off the coast of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, and Dauphin Island!

Has there ever been a shark attack in Gulf Shores Alabama?

Here’s an interesting website showing data regarding shark attacks in Alabama. According to this site, there has never been a shark attack in Orange Beach. There have been 7 non-fatal attacks in Gulf Shores, 2 non-fatal attacks in Dauphin Island and 2 fatal attacks in Mobile Bay.

Are there sharks in Little Lagoon Gulf Shores?

” Yes, shark sitings like last week’s are common, as many shark species make their home in the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, our friend Captain Scott at Little Lagoon Guide Service consistently spots bull sharks, blacktips, and Alabama spinner sharks among others.

Is it safe to swim in Little Lagoon Gulf Shores?

Swimming & Kayaking The shallow lagoon has a soft, sandy floor, easy to walk on and perfect for swimming. With no undertow, you won’t have to worry about being swept out into the Gulf.

Anyway, because the Destin area is larger than the Gulf Shores area, there’s simply more options. There’s also more bars closer together in Destin along the main strip than Gulf Shores. While you can definitely have a good time at both Destin and Gulf Shores at night, Destin wins this one!

Is Gulf Shores better than Orange Beach?

Gulf Shores vs Orange Beach for Families Here, Gulf Shores is the clear winner. They cater to families like you wouldn’t believe: restaurants with rope courses, go-kart courses, milkshake bars, and the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.

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