At what levels do you get training points Wizard101?

At what levels do you get training points Wizard101?

There are two ways to earn Training Points: Experience ” Leveling up from 1-20, Wizards earn one Training Point every 4 levels. From levels 20-130, Wizards then earn one Training Point every 5 levels.

How do you get training points Wizard101?

You can earn training points in Wizard101 simply by leveling up. For every 4 levels from levels 1″20, you will receive one training point.

The Zafaria Sun School Trainer is an obelisk in the Drum Jungle that becomes available during the quest Midnight Sun. The Azteca Sun School Trainer in Three Points becomes available during the quest Turn Up the Sun.

Where do you get the colossal spell?

Re: Colossal Spell Since you only have up to Monstrous, you will need the gargantuan spell in order to have learn Colossal. So, visit the Sun School Trainer in The Floating Land back in Celestia to obtain it.

How do you unlock Sun School in Zafaria?

The quest is called Astral Weeks. Follow this until you unlock the star trainer in Zamunda. Then when are high enough level and in Drum Jungle, Koko Smokesigh will have a side quest that leads to the unlocking of the sun trainer.

What level do you get sharpened blade?

Sharpened blade is a quest that takes place in Azteca. You need to be level 86 to use and, you need to fix the sun trainer school.

Where do you get elemental blade in wizard101?

You can get Elemental Blade & Elemental Trap from Niles in Krokotopia. He’s the tree in krokosphinx, next to the balance school.

Mildred Farseer in Colossus Boulevard has a Reshuffle Card (balance school) that costs 1 training point to get.

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Where do I learn reshuffle spell?

Where can I learn/obtain reshuffle? In the first little “plaza” of Colossus Boulevard, you should see a little path leading down to a building. Go on inside, and there’s a spell trainer named Mildred Farseer (iirc) who will teach you reshuffle as long as you’re level 20 and have a training point.

What level is reshuffle?


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