Can a Molly platy crossbreed?

Can a Molly platy crossbreed?

Mollies and Platies are not compatible for breeding. For crossbreeding, the two species must be closely related to each other. As Mollies belong to the family Poecilia and Platies belong to the Xiphophorus therefore, they cannot crossbreed.

Are all platys the same?

There are many different platy color patterns and most come in a wide variety of colors. I’m not a mathematician, but I’d have to say, all that adds up to roughly a bazillion different kinds of platies available in the aquarium trade. It’s just about impossible to go over every single variety and color combination.

In a community tank, platies will school. A smaller tank can hold up to eight pairs of platies, while a larger tank could house up to 15 pairs!

How many Platies should be kept together?

How many platies should be kept together? A group of three to six platies is a good starting point. As with most livebearers, the males constantly want to mate, so try to keep at least two females for every one male to give the girls a break.

Can different color platys school?

Platies don’t care what colour they are. They don’t shoal or school regardless of colour.

Will Platies school with guppies?

Yes, you can keep guppy fish and platy fish in the same aquarium. Both fish spices are livebearers and require very similar water conditions and food. So keeping platies together with guppies is a really good choice.

Can you have a single platy?

At the very least, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t want to keep just one platy fish all by its lonesome in the tank. The platy fish is a very social, community-loving animal, so while one may survive on its own, if you want your platy fish to thrive, consider at least two, three, or even more platys in one tank.

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So in response to your question, in a small tank, 1 platy may do well, but they are going to need the security of a group if you ever go larger.

How can you tell if a platy fish is male or female?

Gender Differences Visually, it’s quite easy to tell male red wagtail platies from females by examining their anal fins (the lower fin behind the belly). If the anal fin is fan-shaped, your fish is a female. If it is long, flat, and pointed, your fish is a male.

Why is my platy attacking my other fish?

Platies are not necessarily territorial fish but they do want their own specific place in the group. These territories are mostly used to have proper access to food or to impress the females. The bullying Platy may respond to it as if it is being challenged and then start chasing and attacking other fish.

Why do my Platies chasing each other?

The platies also chase each other in competition for resources if you have an overcrowded tank and are adding fewer amounts of food than required. Generally, platies are considered omnivorous and thrive when given adequate amounts of fish flakes.

Why do male Platies chase female pregnant?

The male chasing the female is normal behavior. He is trying to mate with the female. Males always chase the females around in attempt to impregnate her.

Pregnant platy getting aggressively chased by male platy? he keeps chasing her and nipping at her near her anal fin. That’s what males of the live-bearing species do. They will continue to try to breed with the females even when the female is pregnant.

What does it look like when a platy gives birth?

During the gestation period, the abdomen of the female platy will become enlarged and she will develop a dark spot on her belly, which signals that she’s pregnant. You can write down the date your first notice the pregnancy spot, so you can better approximate when she’s about to give birth.

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